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Andrew "Pike" Piekalkiewicz is a trial lawyer in private practice. He graduated from the University of Texas School of Law and became a member of the State Bar of Texas in 1993.

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Attorney Andrew “Pike” Piekałkiewicz is a personal injury lawyer and combat veteran. For over 25 years “Pike” has helped thousands of clients recover millions of dollars in compensation for injuries and wrongful death suffered in car and truck wrecks and in other personal injury cases.

Attorney Sgt Pike, as he is known, is one of Houston’s leading personal injury attorneys. Throughout his career of practicing law, Attorney Sgt. Pike has aggressively fought for the rights of people hurt or killed by the wrongful conduct of other people and companies. His commitment to fighting for the rights of his clients is unparalleled.

Through it all, Attorney Sgt. Pike has never wavered in his determination to see that justice is done for his clients.

A History of Service to His Country and His Clients

When Andrew Piekalkiewicz was a young man, he heard the call of duty and enlisted in the United States Army. He had a drive to serve his country and to fight for American values wherever they were threatened. Young Andrew’s determination eventually led him to volunteer for the grueling Special Forces Qualification Course and in 1987 he earned the honor of the moniker “U.S. Army Green Beret.” It was during his time in the Green Berets that Andrew’s fellow soldiers started calling him “Sergeant Pike,” since not even the greatest army in the world could pronounce his full name. The nickname stuck and Sgt. Pike is how he’s been known ever since.

After completing his service in the Army, Sgt. Pike enrolled in the University of Texas School of Law so he could continue to fight for Americans whose rights were being threatened. He graduated from UT Law in 1993 and became a member of the State Bar of Texas.

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Return to Service

After the tragic terrorist attacks perpetrated against the United States on 9/11, Sgt. Pike heard the call of duty once again. However, things had changed for him since his service had ended. He now had a family with small children to look after. In 2007, when his children were old enough to understand the importance of fighting for their country, he once again volunteered for the U.S Army Special Forces.

In 2009, at the youthful age of 43, Sgt. Pike deployed to Afghanistan seeing active combat in the rugged mountains and valleys of that dangerous country. He served in the volatile Kapisa Province and engaged in combat with the Taliban terrorists on numerous occasions, receiving awards and decorations for his service along the way. By the time Sgt. Pike was discharged, he had the honors of the Special Forces Tab, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Parachutist Badge, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal with the Campaign Star, the NATO Afghanistan Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

SGT PIKE is a decorated combat veteran. For his service in Afghanistan, SGT PIKE received numerous awards and decorations. He currently a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Lone Star Veterans Association, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association.

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After his time in Afghanistan, Sgt. Pike returned to his family and law practice, renewed and reinvigorated. His sense of justice was even keener than it had been and he rededicated himself to ensuring that those responsible for his clients’ personal injuries or deaths were held accountable. Whether a wreck caused by a private car, an 18-wheeler or by some other company owned vehicle, Attorney Sgt. Pike will not rest until the responsible parties have been made to pay for their wrongful and negligent conduct.

With that same sense of duty that drove young Andrew to enlist in the U.S. Army, now more than 25 years later, Attorney Sgt. Pike continues to be driven to see that justice is done for every one of the clients he represents.

Sgt. Pike’s Philosophy

Attorney Sgt. Pike prides himself on being the quintessential "quiet professional." Throughout his life in the military and in the practice of law, he has known many people who talk a good game. But for Sgt. Pike, actions speak louder than words.

When you’re hurt in a car or motorcycle accident caused by an individual or by an 18-wheeler or by some other company owned vehicle, the most important thing to focus on is your medical care. In even the most ideal situations, the journey back to a healthy body can be full of challenges and setbacks. With that difficult task ahead, managing every detail of the claim settlement process on your own would add even more stress, pain and suffering. You and your family don’t deserve that hardship. You deserve better.

Trying to handle your accident insurance claim on your own is a terrible idea. Insurance companies employ professionals who have been trained to trick you into saying or doing something that will hurt your case.

It’s important to remember that insurance companies make profit by collecting premiums and by either avoiding paying loss claims entirely or paying claims far below what is fair. While it may appear at first that the insurance company is “on your side” at the end of the process you will feel frustrated and taken advantage of.

Most people wonder why they have dutifully paid their premiums over the years only to have insurance companies take advantage of them and treat them unfairly once a claim is made. That is simply the nature of the game. And for insurance companies it is a game—a very serious game—whereby the insurance company only seeks to protect its bottom line and has no interest in truly helping. You are not in good hands, they won’t cover anything and they are not on your side!

That’s why Attorney Sgt. Pike is here. He and his team will not only help you understand your injury and devise a plan for getting well, but also determine that those who wronged you pay for the damage they’ve caused. You can’t undo an accident but you can get justice and restitution.

Attorney Sgt. Pike’s experience as a Green Beret has a direct influence on his success in the courtroom. Just like his old Special Forces A-Team, he has assembled a special group of experts in the field of personal injury—from accident doctors to special investigators to accident reconstruction experts - to help him get to the truth of your situation.

Neither Sgt. Pike nor his team receive compensation unless your case is settled. In other words, he doesn’t get paid until you do. He has skin in the game in every case. Just as he’s risked his life for his country, he now risks his own financial wellbeing beside you so you have a vested interest as a team in achieving victory.

With Attorney Sgt. Pike at your side, you have the freedom to focus on what’s most important: getting well and getting justice.




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