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Premises Liability

Houston Premises Liability Lawyer

What Is a Premises Liability Attorney in Houston?

When we visit a building or facility, we expect it to be safe. This isn’t just a reasonable expectation—it’s a legal obligation of property owners, renters, and occupants to maintain their premises. Unfortunately, there are many irresponsible landlords who let properties deteriorate into serious safety hazards, and unscrupulous business owners who cut corners on routine upkeep. When irresponsible people fail to secure their properties, innocent people like you and your family can be seriously injured, resulting in steep medical expenses. If you were injured on the property of another due to carelessness or negligence, improper maintenance, or a dangerous condition, you have the right to make a claim for damages.

Common Types of Premises Liability Injuries In Houston

  • Slip and falls in businesses
  • Stairway accidents due to weak/missing railings, risers, and steps
  • Injuries resulting from negligent security
  • Dog attacks

Who Can Claim a Premises Liability Case?

Businesses and property owners owe a duty to the public to maintain their premises in a safe condition, free from hazards. When they fail in this duty, it is your right to seek compensation. You may be eligible to file a premises liability lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries and damages if a property owner’s negligence caused you to become injured on their property. If the injured party is a family member who was killed at a property due to owner negligence, you and your family can seek compensation on their behalf for their wrongful death.

How Do I Prove my Case?

Premises liability claims often involve extensive investigations into the conditions that led to your injury and the actions of the property owner leading up to your accident.

How Much Can I Make in a Premises Liability Case?

While every case is different, we can assess the damage caused by a premises liability injury as a matter of economic and emotional impact. Every bit of your medical costs, from an ambulance ride to x-rays, is a damage that you deserve compensation for. When you seek medical treatment for your injuries, make sure to document every aspect of the medical costs, including lost wages from your job and childcare for your children. Any cost you would not have otherwise incurred, or any income that has been disrupted by your injury, is a damage for which you are owed compensation. There are also things you can’t put a price tag on: pain and suffering, the loss of a limb, and chronic life-long disabilities. While they can be costly in the short-term, they also have impacts that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Why Should I Contact a Premises Liability Attorney in Houston?

Getting to the truth of a premises liability case often requires an extensive investigation into the conditions that led to your accident and injury. Even if a property owner violated the law, it does not mean they are automatically considered negligent and liable for your injuries. You must be able to demonstrate negligence on the part of the party controlling the premises. It can also become more complicated when you consider who you are bringing the suit against. For example, public entities like schools and government buildings have more complicated processes to be held accountable for premises liability. With so many moving parts, and your ongoing pain and suffering while you care for your injury, you need someone in your corner who knows how the game is played and who can advocate for your well being.

Attorney Sgt. Pike Will Fight For You

For any case involving dangerous property conditions that resulted in your injury, Attorney Sgt. Pike is here to fight for you. For more than 25 years, Sgt. Pike has helped his premises liability injury clients see justice for the harm caused by negligent property owners, lazy businesses, and individuals who have irrevocably hurt lives. Attorney Sgt. Pike has assembled a team of specialists to consult on your case. They’ll help you document the true cost of your injury to you and your family, giving you and Sgt. Pike the tools you need to win. If you or a loved one were injured due to property negligence, call Attorney Sgt. Pike today.
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