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Adjusters May Try to Trip You Up in Recorded Interviews

Adjusters May Try to Trip You Up in Recorded Interviews

While dealing with an insurance company and trying to see a settlement expedited as quickly as possible, you may find yourself looking back on all the friendly slogans and commercials they advertise, purporting to be your friend, your supporter and on your side in times of strife. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a company currently acting in bad faith, they may seem like pure evil. This is not difficult to understand either, or especially if you have been the victim of a car accident caused by the negligence of another party. This may have been compounded when you were struck by a drunk driver, reckless driver, or even a hit-and-run driver, which makes the entire incident even more dramatic and horrific.

No one signs up to be in a car accident, so you may find yourself disappointed and frustrated to be dealing with aggressive adjusters too. Although the process may begin in a friendly enough manner, you could soon find yourself being interviewed and grilled, and even asked to examine under oath. This can all be extremely stressful, and one innocent but wrong move or statement could considerably affect your insurance settlement. It is in your best interest to send the adjusters and insurance representatives straight to your injury attorney. If you do not, you may find yourself immersed in the clutches of adjusters digging deeper and deeper into your life. Not only will they want police records, medical records, and more, they will want to speak with you at length if the settlement is substantial.

In many cases adjusters will ask for a recorded interview, and this is where if you do not already have an attorney, you should be consulting with one immediately, as the adjuster’s main goal is to trip you up and deny your claim. This is the job of the adjuster—and they are often paid handsomely depending on how little they were able to pay out in terms of settlements in a year. Their agenda is to deny, delay or give you a low-ball offer with the subtle message that you will not be offered anything else. While you should not be intimidated, you also should not attempt to take these people on by yourself.

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