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Bad Drug & Defective Medical Device Attorney in Houston, TX

Win your case against medical giants with the help of Attorney Sgt. Pike, the best defective medical device and drug attorney in Houston, Tx

Bad Drug & Defective Medical Device Law Firm in Houston, Texas

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device

With so many precautions against injury, everyone has the right to feel secure when taking prescribed medicines or utilizing a medical device that can help improve health.

Most medications or devices prescribed by your doctors get approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

As part of the regulating process, drug companies must fully disclose all possible side effects of using their medication or medical devices. The regulation lets you and your doctor embark on a course of treatment with awareness and knowledge.

However, not all companies adhere to full disclosure of adverse effects, resulting in a negative impact on the patient’s health. What’s worse is that it may even lead to death.

If you have a bad drug or faulty medical device injury or if a loved one died, you need a strong personal injury trial lawyer by your side. The lawyer’s expertise in taking on a big pharma company is crucial in the success of your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Attorney Sgt. Pike is the lawyer you need to get. With 25 years of going after these giant companies, Law Offices of Andrew “PIKE” Piekalkiewicz, PLLC has the resources and skill to fight for you until you receive the justice you deserve.

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device

Types of Bad Drugs or Medical Device Cases We Handle

Medications and devices should be safe and effective. However, there are cases when it leads to your health becoming worse.

Attorney Sgt. Pike is an experienced bad drug and medical device lawyer who aggressively fights big companies for their neglect.

The following are some bad drugs and defective medical devices that Attorney Andrew “Pike” Piekalkiewicz medical device law firm has looked into over the past years in Houston.


  • Xarelto. Anticoagulant medication for blood clots, specifically for patients with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary diseases.
  • Prozac. Antidepressant for the treatment of depressive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bulimia nervosa, and panic disorder.
  • Paxil. Antidepressant for depression and anxiety.
  • Zoloft. Antidepressant against mental health disorders.
  • Celexa. Antidepressant that treats OCD, panic disorder, and social phobia.
  • Lexapro. Antidepressant for depressive disorder and generalized anxiety.
  • Sarafem. Antidepressant for major depressive disorder, OCD, bulimia nervosa, and panic disorder,
  • Effexor. Antidepressant for depression and anxiety. Doctors also recommend this for chronic pain. 
  • Pradaxa. Anticoagulant that treats and prevents blood clots following hip or knee replacement and other conditions.
  • Trasylol. Prophylaxis to reduce blood loss for patients.
  • Avandia. Antidiabetic drug that works as an insulin sensitizer.
  • Merida. Prescription medicine for obesity and weight loss.
  • Topamax. Medication for epilepsy and to prevent migraines. It is also a treatment for alcohol dependency.
  • SSRI Drugs. Antidepressant drugs for psychological conditions.
  • Antidepressants. Medications for anxiety disorders, some chronic pain conditions, and addiction management.

Medical Devices

  • Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements. Implants made of metal that replace bones in the hip, specifically the femur and socket in the pelvis.
  • Morcellators. Device to cut tissues for easier removal during surgeries.
  • Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters. Small device that stops blood clots from penetrating the lungs.
If you're injured by a defective drug or medical device in Houston, Attorney Sgt. Pike has the resources and skills to help you.

Experiencing Side Effects of Bad Drug or Faulty Medical Device? Seek Legal Help Right Away

Defective drugs and medical devices injure thousands of people yearly due to publicly-unknown side effects.

Drug companies often know about these side effects but fail to disclose them to the FDA.

Attorney Sgt. Pike knows how to deal with drug companies who neglected their duty to report such effects to serve as a warning to users.

He can serve as your legal representative who can go head-to-head with the company’s high-paid product liability lawyer.

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device

Injuries Caused by Medical Device Malfunctions

When a medical device or medication is defective, it routinely leads to unknown, harmful side effects.

Some defective drug and medical device victims are lucky, only suffering temporary physical injuries instead of long-term harm.

However, many suffer permanent effects that plague them for the rest of their lives. Thousands of people require ongoing treatment each year to mitigate the impact of the harm. 

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device
  • Serious infections: Complication that results in sepsis and death.
  • Chronic discomfort: Lingering pain caused by harmful drugs. 
  • Device migration: Movement of a device from the insertion area leads to usage failure and complication.
  • Revision surgeries: Additional surgery after a failed implant can cause further pain to existing illness and more expense. 
  • Allergic reactions: Unforeseen reaction of the body from the device.
  • Organ damage: Harm to the organ because of device or drug malfunction.
  • Organ loss: Failure of an organ to function due to defective drugs or devices.
  • Inflammation: Swelling of body parts.
  • More complications from the disease: An additional disease symptom due to device malfunction or drug side effects. 

If you believe you are experiencing life-threatening side effects from a bad drug or medical device, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Only a doctor can offer you medical advice and adjust your treatment.

If you do not believe your current doctor is providing the care you require, you may wish to get a second opinion. No matter what, do not stop taking any prescribed medication without consulting a licensed medical professional.

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device
Let's get you the justice you deserve. Get a free case evaluation with Attorney Sgt. Pike in Houston.

We Can Help You Fight With Product Liability Claims Involving Bad Drug & Defective Medical Devices

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device

Under U.S laws, a company must pay you compensation if the defective medical device lawsuit is proven in court. You should be able to receive product liability claims for bad drugs and defective medical devices that have cost you your health and overall living

Attorney Sgt. Pike is here to help you receive the claims you deserve. He will guide you in charging the big companies who owe you, and he will also assist in preparing all necessary documents to support your claim.

We Can Help You Fight With Product Liability Claims Involving Bad Drug & Defective Medical Devices

Medical device lawsuit cases vary depending on how the products present themselves to the users. 

Marketing Defects

A device marketed without disclosure of potential risk to users. There should be a warning along with marketing efforts to ensure that users are well-informed.

Design Defects

Poorly designed medical device that directly harms the user’s health. A company must ensure that the device’s design effectively performs its function and is safe to the user.

Manufacturing Defects

A medical device assembled dangerously, causing issues with usage. It can involve a lack of a specific material and the wrong parts placement.


Recoverable Damages in a Bad Drug & Defective Medical Device Case

Attorney Sgt. Pike will ensure that once you win the case, you will be able to recover the following damages incurred to you concerning defective devices or faulty drugs.

  • Present and future medical bills: Additional expenses on top of the cost of medication for the existing condition.
  • Rehabilitation: Therapy for injuries incurred from the faulty device.
  • Nursing care: Specialist support for management and maintenance of health care. 
  • Wrongful death: Complications resulting in sudden death caused by device malfunction.
  • Lost wages and income: Financial disability because of inability to work. 
  • Disability: Incapacity caused by debilitating conditions. 
  • Reduced earning capacity: Decreased opportunities to make a living because of existing problems in physical and emotional health.  
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: Being unable to do everyday activities affects one’s perspective in life. 
  • Disfigurement and scarring: Injury and visible marks left by faulty devices and drug effects. 
  • Pain and suffering: Consistent discomfort, anxiety, and physical and mental dilemma. 
  • Emotional distress: Lack of motivation and unable to find happiness.
Need a great defective medical device & drug lawyer in Houston? Attorney Sgt. Pike is ready to help.

Statute of Limitations for Defective Medical Device and Drugs

You have the right to file a claim against a giant pharma company if your injuries indicate the device’s fault or the drug you consumed.

However, there is only a certain period when you are allowed to file the claim. Specifically in Texas, you must file within two years from the date of injury

Time is crucial in winning defective medical device lawsuits. Attorney Sgt. Pike will look at your situation and work immediately to ensure you file your claim on time.

The service also includes doing the legwork in arranging the required forms and gathering the necessary documents to prove your claim.

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device

How ATTORNEY SGT. PIKE Can Help With Your Bad Drug or Faulty Medical Device Injury Case

Whatever medical adversity you’re facing, you need an experienced personal injury attorney by your side to help you navigate the battle against drug producers and device manufacturers.

Giant pharma companies will do everything they can to protect their name, even hiring fleets of lawyers on retainer to deal with medical liability claims.

Attorney Sgt. Pike is an aggressive defective drugs attorney when it comes to pushing for justice in Texas. He and his team know every trick the big pharma company tries, and he won’t hesitate to deploy counterinsurgency tactics to rebuff their attacks.

Your frontline defense.

When you hire Attorney Sgt. Pike, his A-Team of bad drug lawyers will stand on the front lines of your legal battle so that you can focus entirely on recovery.

Time to recover.

When you have an injury from a bad drug or faulty medical device, your first mission is to take care of your health. Attorney Sgt. Pike will offer you the best possible representation while ensuring you have the space you need to recover.

Recover damage.

You shouldn't have to worry about whether or not you will see justice. We vow to pursue the medical giants and recover the most significant damages available for your injury.

Our Defective Medical Device Lawyer Fee Arrangements

Bad Drug & Faulty Medical Device

Attorney Sgt. Pike handles each case differently from the other. Like any other case, the lawyer’s fee depends on the case at hand. It is worth considering the timeline of the case and the hours the lawyer must dedicate to work on the specific matter. 

Contact Law Offices of Andrew “PIKE” Piekalkiewicz, PLLC to know more about lawyer fee arrangements. We can give you estimated pricing so you can set a budget for it immediately.

Why Choose ATTORNEY SGT. PIKE As Your Defective Medical Device Lawyer in Houston, Tx

Attorney Sgt. Pike is a leading defective medical device lawyer in Houston. He has fought many giant pharma companies and pushed for recovery of millions of dollars of claims for his clients.

Free Case Reviews

Attorney Sgt. Pike offers free case reviews. Before committing to a case, he scrutinizes your situation and makes a sound assessment of the options you can explore.

Decades of Experience

Attorney Sgt. Pike has long been a legal partner when it comes to defective medical devices and bad drug cases in Texas.

A Nationwide Reach

While Attorney Sgt. Pike has many clients within Houston, Texas, he also serves clients from different states. He is also ready to be your legal representative wherever the trial's location is, ensuring you are well-represented while you take your time to heal and recover.

A Track Record of Success

For over 25 years in legal practice, Attorney Sgt. Pike has helped hundreds of clients seek justice and receive millions of compensation for their injuries.

If you have an injury from a faulty device, call us immediately today to schedule a free consultation with Law Offices of Andrew “PIKE” Piekalkiewicz, PLLC.


A defective medical device is any medical device that harms and imposes a threat to a patient due to an imperfection or malfunction in the machine. 

Yes. The FDA is the authorized government agency regulating medical device sales. It monitors all medical products released in the U.S and imposes necessary penalties for failure to comply with regulations. 

A defective drug is a drug with multiple severe and deadly side effects that defeats its initial purpose for treatment.

A drug is considered defective once it loses its function of healing a patient, and its side effects put a patient in life-threatening conditions.

You should be able to file a case against a company within 1-2 years after you develop the injury.

You need to contact a defective drug or medical device lawyer as soon as you confirm that injustice and neglect were made on their part.

You should be able to file a case against a company within 1-2 years after you develop

Suing a pharmaceutical company takes multiple years to complete. During this period, the jury will study all documents and evidence presented to ensure that the claim is authentic and that the company is indeed guilty.

It takes over 2-4 years until a final resolution is made. Through these years, Attorney Sgt. Pike will dedicate his time to work on your defective medical device settlements. injury.

You need to contact a defective drug or medical device lawyer as soon as you confirm that injustice and neglect were made on their part.

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