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Why Blind Spots Are Responsible for So Many Car & Truck Collisions

Why Blind Spots Are Responsible for So Many Car & Truck Collisions

While dealing with that ‘blind spot’ is probably part of your daily existence as a driver commuting back and forth to work, acting as a free taxi service for the kids, running countless errands, and maybe sometimes even driving off to do something fun, most of us would rather be free of what is always a bit of an unsure element when driving—and especially in making lane changes on the highway.

You are not alone in feeling like the blind spot is a tricky deal, and a safety factor as well; in fact, some vehicle manufacturers are finally beginning to work on ways to eliminate the problem of blind spots as it is the reason for so many accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Not everyone can afford a new car though, or one featuring blind spot warning sensors, as wonderful—and helpful—as they may be. Without technology at hand, remember to keep an eye on your surroundings and all traffic.

This means avoiding all other distractions too such as the cell phone (both texting and calling), other electronics (the stereo system, the GPS, and more), other passengers, and more. It is all too easy to get lazy once or twice and just use your mirror, but that may be the one time you are met with your neighbor in the next lane honking their horn at you out of surprise, fear, and perhaps some frustration too. Even worse, you could get into an accident going while going at a high speed on the highway, leading to serious injuries or even fatalities.

Collisions involving ‘side-swiping’ or merging are particularly dangerous as the accident occurs from a more unusual angle and leads to faster loss of control of the vehicle. Always doublecheck your blind spots while driving, turning to look, before switching lanes or merging. If your household has young drivers or those soon to be behind the wheel, continue to act as a role model in driving as well as continuing to remind them about the hazards of blind spots.

Defensive driving is more important than ever as traffic incidents continue to rise, resulting in serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, brain injuries, and more.

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