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Car Accident Caused by Negligent Driver? Steps to Take Afterward

Car Accident Caused by Negligent Driver? Steps to Take Afterward

If you’ve been involved in a traffic incident, chances are you will be extremely shaken no matter the circumstances. Most of us never forget a car wreck, even if it is just a slight fender bender allowing us to go on our way after a quick check to discern that there is no damage at all. In other cases, however, you may have been involved in a serious collision due to the negligence of another driver. This can be a much more intense, traumatic, and physically painful experience.

Unfortunately, car, truck, and motorcycle crashes are all too common due to the number of distracted drivers on the road—not to mention all the other irresponsible motorists who are under the influence, driving recklessly, speeding, and breaking the law otherwise. Just one negligent driver on the road can cause others extreme injury (if not tragic fatality) to include paralysis, traumatic head injury, soft tissue damage, broken arms and legs, and contusions and cuts severe enough to cause temporary disability.

Know what to do ahead of time if you are hit by another vehicle, following these steps:

  • If the car is still functional (and you are physically able), move it to the side of the road out of the way of oncoming traffic to escape further harm or the threat of causing hazard to others.
  • After taking some time to breathe and collect yourself, assess any possible injuries, along with with those of your passengers—and the other car too, if necessary.
  • Call 911 and request medical help if there is any doubt about whether you or someone else is hurt.
  • Assuming you are not being transported to the hospital immediately, exchange contact information with the other person, to include their work phone number too if possible, and all their insurance information.
  • Collect information from any witnesses on the scene, keeping in mind that this could be incredibly valuable to a car accident case later. This is not the time to be shy! Speak to anyone you think could be a valuable eyewitness, collecting their information too, as this may be your only chance.
  • Document the entire scene—or as much as possible. This is where your smartphone will come in very handy, allowing you to photograph both cars and all damage, license plates and any areas that have been crushed or dented. Also, photograph the traffic scene to include the road, skid marks or broken glass in the street, the intersection, traffic lights, and traffic signs. If possible, take pictures of any obvious injuries too.

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