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Car Accident Victims May Be Forced to Live with Lifelong Spinal Damage

Car Accident Victims May Be Forced to Live with Lifelong Spinal Damage

Statistics show that unfortunately, most of us will be at least one car accident in our lifetime. While the hope is that such an experience will only result in a minor fender bender with no injuries, thousands of people do experience major wrecks every year, and there are still far too many fatalities that could have been easily prevented. Distracted driving is the major reason for car accidents of nearly every sort in the US today, with teen drivers even more prone to think they can multi-task without incident while behind the wheel, leading to tragedy and injury for far too many innocent motorists.

Unfortunately, all the other classic reasons for accidents still prevail in the most negative of ways also, as drivers continue to choose to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, speed, ignore traffic signs and traffic rules, and more. This poor judgment all too often costs them their own lives as well as those of others, or results in serious health issues like traumatic brain injury or concussion, along with sprains and broken bones, soft tissue damage, and more.

Neck sprains such as whiplash are one of the top injuries sustained in car accidents, and while they may clear up in a matter of weeks, sometimes they may continue to cause pain a decade later. Rehabilitation may be necessary with the help of an experienced medical professional, to ward off permanent damage or ongoing pain. More serious spinal injuries are all too common too, forcing innocent motorists to suddenly find themselves in the hospital facing surgery, physical therapy, and no choice but to learn to adapt to the possibility of lifelong pain and debilitation.

Paralysis may occur as well, varying in severity from complete to incomplete. There may be loss of control over the bladder, the bowels, and more, as well as total loss of mobility. Respiratory issues and blood clots may also present themselves as complications after a car accident resulting in spinal injury.

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