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Careless Truck Drivers Present Fines & Penalties for Employers

Careless Truck Drivers Present Fines & Penalties for Employers

The trucking industry represents a substantial amount of the US economy, responsible for transporting all sorts of goods, including inventory for many of the largest retailers. Their responsibility spans far more than just dropping off produce or electronics, and they are responsible on many different levels when it comes to highway transportation.

While all trucking business emanates from an agreement between the clients and the trucking corporation chosen to see goods tracking across the country, truckers are definitely the face of such organizations. Because truck drivers do have so much responsibility and latitude as they are driving alone on the highways for days, weeks, and more, most companies are extremely prudent in their hiring practices; in fact, there are usually numerous background checks, drug testing, and more, to include extensive training courses—especially if the drivers are new and may not have a lot of experience driving large rigs.

Unfortunately, an irresponsible truck driver can wreak catastrophe on the road. Because of the weight difference in vehicles, when a truck crashes into a car, the damage is often fatal or extremely serious. Aside from death, injuries may include paralysis, amputation, serious head injury, soft tissue damage, and more. In the case of a jack-knifing scenario with a truck, there is a greater possibility for a multi-car piling resulting in significant wreckage.  

Although the truck driver may seem like the one to blame in the case of an accident, usually the corporation is held liable. If the driver was overly fatigued, the truck was not properly maintained, or cargo was not appropriately strapped down, the truck trucking company could be subject to numerous fines and penalties, along with being sued for negligence due to property damage and harm to others. Because of this, they may fight dirty over claims of wrongdoing, and you may be the victim of their greed and unwillingness to take responsibility.

With the Truck Accident Response Team, or T.A.R.T., Attorney Sergeant Peggy and his legal team, specializing in 18-wheeler accidents, can be at the scene of your accident within hours. With this unique system, legal specialists can perform the most important task, which is preserving evidence (especially in case of a trial to present to a jury so that you were able to receive the maximum amount of compensation you are due) for an injury or wrongful death claim. The T.A.R.T. system was created not only to fight trucking companies and their ongoing, duplicitous ways, but also insurance companies who are often even worse to deal with during accident claims.

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