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The Deadliest Roads in Houston—Drivers Beware!

The Deadliest Roads in Houston—Drivers Beware!

Statistics seem to show that no matter what, traffic incidents—and car and truck accidents—just continue to increase at a consistent clip, and with terrifying consequences. Such statistics are frustrating to most of us, including the government, health and safety analysts, infrastructure experts, and educators who work diligently to disseminate information regarding safety.

While there are many infrastructure concerns around the US, and issues regarding traffic, nothing incites panic and a huge sense of urgency to ‘fix things’ like the fact that car, truck, and motorcycle accidents continue to occur despite everyone’s efforts to stave them off—and so many injuries and deaths could be avoided. Major problems like distracted driving, drinking and driving, speeding, lack of seatbelts, and more continue to be the culprits in completely preventable crashes.

Houston saw 200 fatalities last year due to car crashes, with over 3,600 people dying in accidents in the state of Texas overall. Speeding was cited as the top reason for fatalities, with driving under the influence coming in second. With several hundred roads and several highways for motorists to travel on daily, increasing population within the city and an increasing number of drivers means more accidents; however, these numbers could be decreased significantly if many who pose a current threat could be convinced to practice good judgment when deciding to take the wheel. If distracted driving were cut out, if drunk drivers did not exist, and if speeding and reckless driving were cut out of the equation, thousands would still be alive today—and millions left uninjured.

For those who do survive traffic accidents, the results can still be catastrophic and long term. Neck sprains and major back injuries are common, along with more serious problems like partial to complete paralysis. Head injuries may result in concussions or traumatic brain injuries. Soft tissue damage, broken bones, and cuts and contusions may go with the territory also. Such injuries often mean that work is not possible—and if you have been in a car wreck due to the negligence of another party, this could mean that you have lost significant income while unable to go back to your job either temporarily or even permanently.

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