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Injured and Trying to Deal with the Stress of Your Insurance Claim? Don’t Do it Alone!

Injured and Trying to Deal with the Stress of Your Insurance Claim? Don’t Do it Alone!

Being in a car accident is usually somewhat traumatic, whether you were in a mild fender bender or a full-on crash. Adrenaline usually takes over even in the most moderate of traffic incidents and takes some time to subside—even if you do not sustain major injuries or do not have to go to superhuman lengths to get yourself and your passengers to safety. Unfortunately, all too many car accidents lead to the vehicle being totaled, and motorists having to be extracted from crumbled metal.

Far too many of these accidents are preventable, with distracted driving at the top of the list for causing injury and fatalities today. All the classic culprits are still at work on the roads though, from drunken drivers to reckless drivers to speeders and other problems. Weather could play a part in an accident too, along with infrastructure issues, road construction complications, and more. If you were injured due to the negligence of another motorist, you may have experienced serious spinal injury or even paralysis, neck sprain or other types of sprains, broken bones or even amputations, soft tissue damage, and concussions ranging from moderate to severe, or traumatic brain injury.

If you have been injured, adjusting even for the short term can be extremely difficult, and healing must be your priority. You may be out of work for some time and laid up at home. Insurance adjusters may begin calling you as soon as they know about your car accident, which means that you may still be in significant pain. And while you may not want to speak with them because you are still stressed from the accident and not feeling well, the best course of action is always to refer insurance adjusters to your accident attorney. This is in the best interest of your case, as they may ask questions that can trip you up and cause complications later; for instance, they may ask a lot of questions about your medical condition, including requesting medical files.

Answering details about your current condition could be tricky as you may not know the full repercussions of the accident yet. Many times, other injuries will become apparent only after some time has passed. This is often the case with traumatic brain injuries, where the afflicted individual may not realize a serious health issue is occurring due to a car accident until a loved one or friend points it out. Insurance adjusters may ask to tape record your conversations and request many different forms of documentation regarding the accident. This should all be communicated to your attorney who will then decide how to move forward in the best interest of your injury case.

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