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Drunk Drivers Still Kill Thousands Each Year

Drunk Drivers Still Kill Thousands Each Year

The problem with drunk drivers on the road is simple: they have impaired judgment. And that can result in disaster. This is no secret though, and especially if you have ever been under the influence or have been around another person who was intoxicated. Sadly, it is all too easy to see how someone driving while drunk or on drugs could miss a signal or make a bad decision that could lead to catastrophic consequences—and even fatalities.

While some may have just had too much wine over dinner, many drivers convicted of DUI have real addiction issues with alcohol and drugs, and that may have been the case for years or even decades. They may have had multiple DUIs in the past where they wreaked havoc and were forced to pay the consequences legally, yet all still unable to resist the urge to get into the car when impaired. Even though they may only be planning to drive a short distance, the results could be deadly; and in many cases, drunk drivers may be so inebriated that they don’t even know what they are doing or where they are going. An even greater danger is that a drunk driver could pass out at the wheel, wreaking terrible havoc on motorists traveling in their vicinity.

Drunk driving has been a scourge on the roads for decades, despite public campaigning and continued, growing awareness. Information disseminated to the public about the dangers and the consequences of DUIs has been effective also, especially in making it clear how expensive legal fees are, along with the possibility of losing a vehicle, driver’s license, and even a job due to jail time, or depending on what happens during an accident. And while organizations like MADD are responsible for reducing drunk driving deaths by nearly a third in the US, that still leaves far too many accidents and deaths that are completely preventable.

Even worse is the fact that distracted driving due to cell phone use has come along and eclipsed drunk driving—meaning that drivers who are talking on their phones or responding to text messages cause even more accidents—and to escalate the problem further, distracted drivers may also be under the influence—as well as speeding, ignoring traffic signs and signals, and more.

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