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Focus on Healing, Not Insurance Adjusters

Focus on Healing, Not Insurance Adjusters

While dealing with an insurance claim is certainly not a game, you may be suspecting the insurance company sees the situation differently when they begin giving you the runaround or attempting to intimidate you for whatever reason—just to get out of paying what may be a completely valid claim. If you have been in a car accident, it could have been one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. Hopefully you will never experience something like that again, but it is true that most individuals will experience at least one car wreck in their lifetime. The hope is that you do not fall victim to some of the more serious injuries like paralysis, soft tissue damage, traumatic brain injuries that can be long-lasting, or broken bones that made even require surgery.

If you are in serious pain, however, or enduring the rigors of the required healing process, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. Figuring out how to file a claim and speaking with adjusters may seem incredibly excruciating, along with having to perform any other normal duties. Insurance adjusters may begin in a very friendly manner, exhibiting quite amazing charisma, but if they suspect there’s going to be a large payout and you are not bending to their will or suggestions that you take a lowball offer, they may become extremely aggressive. This is the time to consult with an experienced firm like the law offices of Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC so that your best interests are protected and they can handle all communications with the insurer.

The priority must always be on your health first. And while there may be a great sense of urgency in your finances—especially due to lack of employment or lack of hours while you have been hurt and unable to perform your job—if you cannot heal, you will not be able to move forward to do anything. During all the pain and suffering, however, you may still find that insurance adjusters are aggressive about investigating the case, to the point of even insinuating that you are lying or that you have somehow committed fraud. They may request overwhelming amounts of documentation, and in fact so much that you almost feel like giving up. That is their goal! With a good attorney on your side to fight for your rights, you do not have to give in to bullying tactics from a profit-hungry corporation only thinking of their bottom line.

If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of others, please call the law offices of Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC as soon as possible at (713) 748-7453 or visit AttorneySgtPike for a no obligation case review. As a variation of the system employed in trucking cases, Sgt. Attorney Pike activates and deploys the Car Accident Response Team or C.A.R.T. ™ immediately after being hired and in appropriate cases. A team of specialized personnel trained in every aspect of car wrecks and injuries is deployed. Let us help you!