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Have You Been a Victim of Road Rage?

Have You Been a Victim of Road Rage?

Road rage can be exhibited in numerous ways, ranging from moderate to extreme. Certainly, we have all felt irritation while on the road, and probably even anger sometimes too; it can be difficult not to in the hustle bustle of the morning or evening. Whether you have a short—or substantial—commute to work, there is still plenty of time to encounter other drivers who can be frustrating, whether they are driving too slow or too fast, are talking and driving, texting and driving, or just plain not paying attention.

Road rage, however, is one of the top reasons for car accidents in the US. It may also affect the people you would least suspect, as they take the actions of other motorists so personally that they become incensed. The strange thing about many drivers who become consumed with road rage is that their behavior may be very out of line with their normal personalities; if you were to see them or perhaps even bump into them, literally, in the shopping mall, their behavior might even be considered mild and instantly apologetic.

Driving sometimes brings out the worst in others who feel territorial in their cars and not unlike the presence so many have on the internet today, they may feel like they can say anything if you are a stranger they will never see again. Along with anger issues, other drivers who scream and shout and tailgate and become intimidating at the wheel may see it as their job to ‘school’ others on the road—but their misguided efforts can be extremely dangerous, resulting in car crashes and debilitating wounds. In some cases, drivers suffering from road rage have even been known to brandish weapons, causing a simple drive to turn into a nightmare for everyone involved.

Motorists who are experiencing road rage can be terrifying; in fact, such events can escalate into violence and in some cases even injury or death, so if you find yourself confronted by someone in such a state, understand that they could act unpredictably and dangerously, and do your best to get away—along with calling 911.

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