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How Can I Expect Witnesses to Stand Up for Me in the Face of Intimidation by the Insurer?

How Can I Expect Witnesses to Stand Up for Me in the Face of Intimidation by the Insurer?

People all around the United States witness car accidents every day. If you take into consideration that there are nearly 40,000 accidents daily, that means there are a lot of witnesses out there too, whether dependent (riding in the car, and experiencing the accident) or independent (a third-party viewing the incident).

Many witnesses do not come forth after seeing an accident, simply because they are intimidated about getting involved. So often though, coming forth is the right thing to do. In providing helpful information, the witness could be making a serious difference in another motorist’s life—and especially if they are being forced to fight an enormous insurer—with enormous resources.

If you’ve been in a car wreck, chances are you are under stress on multiple levels. Experiencing the relief of finding out you have no property damage is a plus—and most of us are thankful if we get out with experiencing only a fender bender—but if you have been injured, it can be extremely difficult to adjust to pain, possible long-term consequences to your health, a sudden lack of income due to your temporary or even permanent inability to work, as well as dealing with an insurance settlement. Despite everything going on with your health, that insurance settlement could suddenly become the complete focus in your life as you are deluged with medical bills that must be paid.

Without payment from the insurance company, you may even be worried about having to file for bankruptcy, losing your home to foreclosure, or your car to repossession. This is not an exaggeration for many, forced to live paycheck to paycheck, and in dire straits after being rendered disabled. Even for those who may have an emergency fund and a savings account, medical bills can be so astronomical that they can ruin anyone.

Because of this, if you are having to fight the insurance company and fight to verify the details of the car accidents, a witness can be extremely valuable to your case. Working with a skilled car accident attorney like Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC is critical too, as you need expert legal representation in dealing with the insurer—especially if you are seeing red flags regarding possible bad faith practices.

Intimidation of witnesses is a common tactic; after all, a third party with no stake in the accident or claim at all is incredibly valuable in court. If the insurer can grill them, discredit them, and inconvenience them to the point of dropping out altogether, they are one step closer to achieving their goal: to spend as little time and money on your case as possible, and act only in their best interest.

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