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Independent Witnesses & Their Role in the Car Accident Case

Independent Witnesses & Their Role in the Car Accident Case

Serious car accidents can result in substantial insurance claims, and often major court cases too as claimants and insurers become embattled. In many of these car accident cases, one or more injuries may be involved such as harm to the spine, paralysis, nasty sprains or breaks—including whiplash, damage to soft tissue, head injuries like traumatic brain injuries and concussions, and an assortment of broken bones which may require surgery. Even the most basic of injuries like cuts and contusions can be quite severe upon closer examination, requiring stitches or even plastic surgery.

While being in a car accident can be extremely traumatic for everyone involved (and for a long time afterward due to physical harm and emotional distress), it can be quite traumatic for onlookers too. From the initial surprise of realizing what is going on, to the sound of screeching wheels to the thud of metal hitting metal, and glass breaking—not to mention witnessing the horror of fatalities or individuals injured and in need of medical attention—it can be a difficult time for all. A car accident, and especially a serious one, is something no one wants to be any part of; however, as a witness, you could play a very important role in the end.

As an independent witness especially with no financial or personal stake in the game, your testimony is of great value to everyone—and especially should there be a jury trial. While an independent witness is under no obligation whatsoever, as a third party they do have the power to offer the facts, and the truth, and perhaps help those who may be in great need of more information about what actually happened.

The independent witness can also be extremely helpful in the case of an accident where one or more of the motorists were injured and rendered unconscious, leaving them with little firsthand information as to what really happened at all.

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