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Why is the Insurance Company Asking for My Tax Records Before Paying My Claim?

Why is the Insurance Company Asking for My Tax Records Before Paying My Claim?

Surely, just being in a car accident is enough of an ordeal to handle. You should be left alone for a while to clear your mind of the emotional trauma and allow your body to heal from the physical pain that may have been inflicted upon you, unfortunately, and unexpectedly. While some may escape with an inconsequential fender bender, you may have been the victim of a serious collision and resulting injuries, that could even include trauma to the head, trauma to the spine, broken bones, sprains, cuts and contusions, and even more serious issues such as paralysis, brain damage,, or more in the most tragic of cases, you may have lost a passenger to a fatality. Motorists or passengers in the other car (or cars involved) may have also passed away due to the impact of the collision, or complications afterward.

While you may have paid attention throughout the years to all the public safety information regarding ways to prevent accidents, along with instructions on what to do if you are involved in a car crash, no one talks much about all the stress that comes afterward in dealing with the insurance company. Life would be so much easier if filing a claim and seeing it paid proceeded easily and as expected in the beginning when you signed on the dotted line; in fact, wouldn’t it be great if customer service was just as great as depicted in insurance advertisements, when it comes to a claim?

Instead of feeling cared for by the insurance company that you paid throughout the years—expecting good faith in return—you may feel exactly the opposite. Although you may be the one who is dealing with property damage and health issues (and kept up every part of your agreement), you may be feeling harassed if your insurance company is doing everything possible to wiggle out of a claim. This could include intimidation tactics.

If the insurer starts asking for excessive amounts of documentation, sending you running in circles to come up with paperwork, this is a major red flag—and you should be protected by a skilled injury attorney who can handle such requests. Obviously, if an insurance company asked you to provide items like tax returns, their general message is that they do not believe your claim is valid or are hoping to discredit you somehow by stating that your finances demonstrate the need for fraud. This is not only incredibly insulting, but it may be frightening too. They may employ other intimidation taxes as well, along with trying to cow witnesses into declining to participate in the case or appear in court.

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