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Insurers Are Not Acting in Your Interest—They Are Busy Earning Interest

Insurers Are Not Acting in Your Interest—They Are Busy Earning Interest

If you have been in a car or motorcycle accident, life may seem very difficult right now. Like any personal crisis, it can be hard to move on without help and support from your family and friends—but in this case, you also need a timely response from the other party’s insurer, and an experienced car accident attorney like Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC acting in your best interest. 

It might seem like as soon as your vehicle was struck, your whole world turned upside down too. You are probably in pain, and you may also be helping other family members who were injured in the accident—or worse, you may have also lost someone in the same accident and be grieving. A car accident can be a trauma like no other, simply because of the complete loss of control and the potential for extreme harm to everyone involved.

Finances may have progressed from being stressful to terrifying. Being forced under such pressure when you did nothing wrong is undeniably unfair, and you may also feel like you are at fault as creditors and debt collectors begin circling like sharks—and the bills keep piling up. You may not have been prepared for such an emergency at all, and savings may be depleted quickly as you are unable to work temporarily—or even permanently—depending on your disability from the accident.

Frustration may peak further when you discover that your insurance company has decided to give you a hard time—for what may seem to be no reason at all; in fact, you may be experiencing delays that are completely without explanation, or even a denial where in some cases may have been so quick the adjuster did not even look over the information thoroughly. This behavior is not just outrageous, but it can be frightening, as your ability to survive hangs in the balance.

The problem for you as just one individual in the game is that you need the insurance settlement so that you can continue to focus on healing and paying your bills. The problem for the insurance agency is that basically, they have no problem. You can be guaranteed that they are not thinking about your situation for a moment, and those profiting from billions of insurance premiums every year are enjoying extremely comfortable lives while you wait and suffer.

The longer the insurance takes to pay a claim, the more you stress. But more importantly for the greedy insurance corporation, interest continues to build in their financial accounts. This is not just nice for the insurer, but it is a system they have created to work in their best financial interest. And because of this, you must enlist the help of an aggressive car accident attorney who will make it his mission to see that your interests are protected

If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of others, please call the law offices of Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC as soon as possible at (713) 748-7453 or visit AttorneySgtPike for a no-obligation case review.

As a variation of the system employed in trucking cases, Sgt. Attorney Pike activates and deploys the Car Accident Response Team or C.A.R.T. ™ immediately after being hired and in appropriate cases. A team of specialized personnel trained in every aspect of car wrecks and injuries is deployed. Let us help you!