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Interlock Devices May Keep Drunk Drivers off the Road for Years

Interlock Devices May Keep Drunk Drivers off the Road for Years

If you have been injured due to the negligence of a motorist driving while drunk or under the influence, you probably feel strongly about trying to rid the roads of those who cannot be responsible enough to stay home or call a cab rather than getting behind the wheel. Even with the threat of a DUI, which can be extraordinarily expensive, and even with the threat of losing their drivers license and going to jail, far too many drivers still take the chance.

For those convicted of DUI, even first-time offenders may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in their cars. Along with the hassle of getting their car back from being impounded, fees to have a license reinstated, and myriad legal fees, the IID comes with considerable expense too—all consequences for driving under the influence. The device must be installed at the driver’s expense, along with being set up for monitoring (another monthly expense), and consistent recalibration. The driver must then blow into the device before departing, and there are usually additional breath samples required while driving.

Repeat offenders may be required to have IIDs in their vehicles for years; in some cases, beyond five or more. And while this keeps substance abusers off the roads, it also causes them to change their habits significantly. Many motorists with IIDs in their cars have jobs and places to be, and they can’t risk having the IID register a ‘fail’ (which means the potential for losing their license, as well as forcing further calibration appointments and a court date to explain what happened). While encouraging motorists to quit drinking altogether is of course the goal, many do not—and the IID becomes very tricky in those cases as it will fail the motorist if they have any alcohol at all in their bloodstream upon breathing into the device. To drive, they must be extremely aware of how long it takes the effects of alcohol to wear off.

The device puts a major cramp in any drinker’s lifestyle and forces them to change their habits. It also forces them to learn more about how much alcohol goes into the bloodstream, and quickly so. The IID can be extremely effective in keeping drunk drivers off the roads today.

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