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Lack of Skill Causes Many Auto Accidents

Lack of Skill Causes Many Auto Accidents

As auto accidents continue to rise in the Houston area, leading to far too many unfortunate fatalities, we must all look at the causes, doing our best to drive defensively, but also with safety in mind for everyone else on the road, driving in proximity to us daily.

Government entities and experts associated with infrastructure design continue to mull over the reasons for increases in accidents and for fatalities—and this is expanded to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians too. Unfortunately, all increases seem to point to a dangerous combination of so many more vehicles on the road and a continued rise in distracted driving—along with many other disturbing behaviors such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, road rage incidents, driving while exhausted, and more.

But what about the number of drivers on the road who are simply incompetent? Although drivers who are newly licensed may be inexperienced, they may also be some of the most educated on the process possible, as they have just been through stringent driver’s education courses, have pored over the driver’s handbook, and then were tested under extreme scrutiny. As the years pass though, most drivers may have their vision evaluated and a quick test to have their licenses renewed, but it is rare for much testing of knowledge of the years. Many motorists have time to forget about some of the more intricate traffic rules, or even remember what many signs mean. This is especially true if you live in a small town or a rural area, and may not have to deal with more than a few stop signs or one traffic light—the opposite of traveling in Houston!

Visitors to a larger city like Houston may not be used to driving in heavy traffic at all, and can be an unknowing hazard on the roads as they drive too slow, have an impossible time merging, or are so intimidated that they cause duress to other drivers, or an accident. Whether in fast-moving traffic or a congested rush-hour scenario, big-city driving can be stressful for anyone. The key is to always allow the person in front of you a safe distance, continue to check your blind spots for other cars and motorcyclist, and take extra care when turning at intersections.

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