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Most Common Tactics Car Insurance Companies Use To Trick Drivers

Most Common Tactics Car Insurance Companies Use To Trick Drivers

When it comes to car insurance, drivers are often at a disadvantage. Insurance companies use a variety of tactics to increase profits and limit payouts, making it difficult for drivers to get the coverage they need at a price they can afford. While some of these tactics may be legal, others are less than honest. In this article, we'll examine some of the most common tactics used by car insurance companies and discuss how to best protect yourself from them.


Intentional Low Settlement Offers

When you are in an accident, the last thing you want to deal with is a car insurance company. Unfortunately, these companies use a variety of tactics to try and get you to settle for less than you deserve. The most common tactic is to make a low settlement offer. This offer is usually much lower than what you should receive based on the damage to your car and your injuries.

The insurance company may try to convince you that this is the best offer they can make or that it is the highest offer anyone has made. However, this is rarely the case. In most cases, the insurance company will raise its offer if you push back and demand more money. For example, if you are only asking for $15,000 but the insurance company offers you $10,000, this is a clear sign that they are trying to get you to settle for less.

What is the best way to handle low settlement offers?

You should never accept a low settlement offer from an insurance company without getting a second opinion. A qualified car accident lawyer can help you determine how much money you should receive based on the facts of your case.


Demanding a Recorded Statement 

When an accident happens, the first thing a driver wants to do is make sure everyone is okay and exchange information with the other drivers involved. Once that's done, the next step is to contact their insurance company and report the accident. This is where many drivers find themselves in a difficult situation. 

Many insurance companies will try to get drivers to give a recorded statement as soon as possible after the accident. They may even call you before you have a chance to report the accident to your own insurance company. The reason they want a recorded statement is so they can try to get you to say something that could be used against you later on. 

Some of the most common tactics insurance companies use are asking leading questions, trying to get you to admit fault, or asking for detailed information about the accident. Note that you are not actually required to answer any of these questions, and you can simply say you don't remember.


Delayed Action Taking 

Delayed action taking means that the company will wait a certain amount of time before they actually do anything. During this time, they will make it seem like they are doing something, but in reality, they are not. By doing this, they hope that the driver will become frustrated and just give up.

The most common delay tactic is asking for more information than is necessary. Other tactics include making unreasonable demands, refusing to pay medical bills, or even denying a claim altogether.


Need an Attorney for Your Case? 

Some experts say that you should always be prepared for a long battle with an insurance company. Make sure you have all of your documentation in order, and be prepared to fight for every penny you're owed. Keep copies of all correspondence, and make sure to document any phone conversations.

If you're having trouble getting the insurance company to pay up, consider speaking to an attorney. If you are in Houston, Texas and has been in an accident and need an attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve, contact Attorney Sgt. Pike today. He has over 25 years of experience dealing with car insurance cases, and knows how to get the best results for his clients. Contact him today at (713) 748-7453 to learn more about how he can help you and get a free case review.