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Motorists: How to Avoid Accidents with Motorcyclists

Motorists: How to Avoid Accidents with Motorcyclists

None of us want to admit to road rage, but there is no way around the fact that driving can be an extremely irritating exercise at times. This can be especially true in Houston rush hour traffic or any congested city area, with a lot going on at once in traffic—from massive trucks roaring by to bicyclists traveling in the same lanes you are, and pedestrians crossing. Motorcycles can be another stressor. Although the roads are open to most travelers within reason, and undoubtedly motorcyclists have plenty of that cool factor going for them, they may throw you off shifting, splitting lanes, and speeding.

Here are several tips for avoiding accidents with motorcycles:

  • Always doublecheck that blind spot. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars or trucks (which is what your eyes are accustomed to looking for on the roads), they may blend in to their surroundings. Take your time when you are changing lanes to check all blind spots and be certain there is not a motorcyclist (or anyone else) in your path.
  • Take greater care around motorcycles. Even though you may be in a rush or tired from a long day, a little bit of thoughtfulness and good etiquette on the road go a long way. Never slam on your brakes if you can help it, and if you know there is a motorcyclist behind you, give extra time with your turn signal if possible.
  • Practice enormous caution at intersections. This is the most dangerous area for all travelers, but especially motorcyclists. Although you may drive through the same intersections every day, always practice vigilance by watching for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, and make eye contact if possible before turning.
  • Be alert and avoid alcohol and drugs (even legal prescriptions) of any sort while on the roads. This is critical not only to your safety and that of others, but also for following the law. It is very dangerous to drive with impaired judgment and makes it even more difficult to practice defensive driving; in fact, under the influence you have the potential to become an offensive driver and end up in jail.

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