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Rate Increases May Be Due to Insurers Purging Policyholders

Rate Increases May Be Due to Insurers Purging Policyholders

Chances are—and sadly so—there is not an insurance company to be found that is ‘on your side’; they are on one side, and that is of profit. The best way that you can protect yourself over your lifetime as a consumer is to understand what you are up against during any claim—and be aware of the common tricks adjusters and insurers will try to pull. For example, if you have been in a car accident and were struck by another driver who was negligent whether due to distracted driving, drunken driving, lack of experience or just overall recklessness, you may be shocked to find yourself at the hands of a company practicing bad faith. Against you!

Bad faith practices on the part of an insurance company span the obvious, from firm denials and weird delays to a complete lack of investigation, intimidation tactics, and so much more. But insurance companies may also employ other methods to get rid of policyholders they don’t want. Criteria for getting rid of consumers who unknowingly consider themselves to be a good risk may be wide-ranging, but in some cases insurance companies may decide to ‘purge.’ Much to the surprise (and not in a good way) of policyholders, there may be significant rate increases, cancellations, and exclusions that make insurance either very unappealing or completely out of their reach.

Cost is of course one of the most important factions of insurance. While insurance companies bring home billions in profits every year, and citizens in the US continue to scramble to try to make their premiums (whether for cars or homes or businesses or health and life, and more), they are often preyed on by unscrupulous measures taken by these large corporations interested in accommodating the bottom line. You may find that rates go up if you have a ticket or an accident, you may find that rates go up if you buy a new car, you may find that rates go up if you move! You may be at risk for non-renewal with your insurance company, and many factors could come into play to squeeze you out. No matter what situation you are in while dealing with your insurance company, remember their goal is to make money off you.

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