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Road Debris Has Caused Hundreds of Thousands of Car Accidents

Road Debris Has Caused Hundreds of Thousands of Car Accidents

Safety on today’s roads remains a main concern as so many drivers are at risk due to negligence by others—mainly in the form of distracted driving. While texting may allow us to multi-task and stay in touch with others while we are apart, at work, at the grocery store, or even in another part of the country, this ‘gift’ has also turned into a recipe for disaster on US highways, roads, and neighborhood areas. And texting is just the tip of the iceberg for many motorists also engaged in actually talking on the phone, talking to passengers, eating snacks and fast food, grooming while looking in the mirror, and more.

Reckless driving is a serious hazard still too, along with other classic problems like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and speeding. So many of these issues present huge threats; however, there are other common complications that may also play a role in accidents, such as obstacles in the road. In Houston, road debris has been a growing problem and can cause catastrophic danger and fatalities, along with other inconveniences like flat tires and damage to the vehicle.

If you encounter road debris, it is critical to give your full attention to the situation—especially if you are engaged in a phone call or discussion with someone in the car. With both hands on the wheel, slow down and be cautious, but be careful not to overcorrect the wheel as that could lead to a serious car or truck accident, with the potential for involving multiple cars. If it looks like the car in front of you may be carrying debris that could fall onto your car—or if a cement truck, for example, is spewing rocks—move way back, and change lanes if possible. Hardware and construction materials are extremely common, and the owner of the truck may not even realize they are losing cargo or causing severe safety hazards.

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