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Seniors Are at Higher Risk at Pedestrians

Seniors Are at Higher Risk at Pedestrians

Walking is one of the greatest forms of exercise, as it is low impact but still offers a great cardio workout, tones the legs, helps to build muscles and bones, burns calories, and lifts the spirits overall as those endorphins start pumping. While many of us enjoy walking on designated neighborhood, town, or city paths, or traversing through nature in the fresh air with the birds calling and the sun shining down upon us, often we are immersed in traffic, with our time out of doors spent dodging cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Whether you prefer to walk to work, complete errands on foot, or take a jaunt down to that local restaurant, such activities may not seem as safe as you would think initially; in fact, pedestrian fatalities continue to rise in Houston, and the US.

Seniors especially should take heed, as they are at greater risk when walking. Along with children, older individuals traveling on foot, aged 65 and older make up the largest percentage of pedestrians at risk for fatalities. While many pedestrian deaths involve alcohol (usually on the part of the motorist), those involving seniors are often due to symptoms of aging such as loss of keen eyesight or sharp hearing. Seniors may be more prone to losing their balance easily too, which could cause disruption or accidents in traffic.

Pedestrians who are older may have obvious issues with speed also. They may need more time to get across the street than is allowed by traffic signals. This can cause a major issue, along with complications caused by slower reflexes. Seniors may also need extra help getting across the street if they are in a wheelchair or using a walker or another device to assist in locomotion. Their reflexes may be slowed when it comes to dealing with traffic, and unfortunately, not all motorists are patient.

If you have an older family member who enjoys walking, try to accompany them whenever you can, or find someone to go with them as they travel near traffic. You may also encourage them to take public transportation or give them a ride if they need one.

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