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Prescriptions: Side Effects Could Mean You Need a Designated Driver to Avoid a Car Accident

Prescriptions: Side Effects Could Mean You Need a Designated Driver to Avoid a Car Accident

Acting as a defensive driver is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe in the US these days, especially because you may spend so many hours in your car. As traffic incidents continue to increase, sharpening your defensive driving skills is even more important. This means always practicing good judgment too, working to keep you and your family safe, as well as being considerate to others on the road.

While drunk driving incidents and fatalities are down significantly due to the campaigning efforts by organizations like MADD, as well as local law-enforcement agencies, there are still far too many drivers becoming inebriated, losing touch with reality, and getting behind the wheel. Driving under the influence is not only poor judgment, but is an extremely selfish act, putting others at great risk. Do not be one of these people! There may be times when you do not even realize that there is the potential for driving under the influence, especially if you have been prescribed a medication that could be much stronger than you realize.

Always read the warning labels on your prescription bottles, noting recommendations not to drive or operate machinery, along with reading about the side effects such as drowsiness.. Many of us are quick just to open a bottle and take the prescribed amount and carry on. The problem is that after taking a prescription medication, you may be extremely relaxed, or even drowsy. It is very important to have all your wits gathered about you while you are on the road, as so much can happen in the blink of the eye, requiring your reflexes to be in tiptop shape. If you have a question about dosage, or whether or not it is okay to go about traveling as usual when taking a new medication, check with your doctor before getting behind the wheel.

While driving under the influence is a substantial hazard on the road, other issues are a constant threat too such as distracted drivers, and those who have no regard for traffic signs, traffic stops, pedestrian crossings, or traffic rules in general.

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