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Should I Give My Social Security Number to the Negligent Party’s Insurer?

Should I Give My Social Security Number to the Negligent Party’s Insurer?

If you have been in a car accident, whether hit by another motorist or a semi—or if you are a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian—you may be in significant pain and in an extreme state of vulnerability due to trauma. Adrenaline flow from an accident can take hours to wear off, and in some cases may even mask pain afterward, which is one reason you should not discuss any medical issues with an insurance adjuster. This is up to your injury attorney, and no information should be divulged until you have been properly treated by medical professionals who have been able to review any possible injuries comprehensively. It is no secret that sometimes other complications can arise later—and they may even require surgery or long-term care.

After an accident, do not be startled if you receive a phone call from the insurance adjuster immediately; in fact, you may not have even had time to leave the hospital before they are contacting you for a thorough question and answer session, and demanding comprehensive details—many of which you may not know. If you are not being represented by a car accident attorney or injury lawyer at that time, consult with one as soon as possible from the law offices of Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC so that you can refer all calls from insurance adjusters to them; in fact, there is no reason for you to speak with adjusters at all yourself—from the beginning.

While insurance adjusters may be compiling as much information as possible to use against you at any time, in asking for details like your Social Security number, the intention is usually to check and see if you have Medicaid or Medicare, and what type of reimbursements they could get after a payout. Your Social Security number should remain private unless necessary, however, as it usually should only relate to tax matters. And the less personal information the insurer has, the better because you never know what they are up to—or what angle they may try to pull. With your injury attorney in charge of authorizing and providing relevant information, your best interests are protected, as well as your case.

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of others, this is not the time to go it alone! Please call the law offices of Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC as soon as possible at (713) 748-7453 or visit AttorneySgtPike for a no obligation case review.