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No One Ever Has an Excuse to Tailgate You in Traffic

No One Ever Has an Excuse to Tailgate You in Traffic

Most of us are under the impression that rear-end collisions are usually the fault of the driver who was following behind another too closely, ending up in a car accident due to an obvious lack of attention for the braking situation ahead. The rear-end collision can be the result of numerous ill-fated circumstances. Aggressive driving tops the list, and you may have experienced being in traffic with other drivers who follow closely behind you as if to scream at you to get out of the way (not always an easy feat depending on other traffic patterns) or who are just attempting to be intimidating overall due to what may be personal anger issues.

Other drivers simply may not be paying attention to what they are doing and end up following too closely, or are seriously engaged in the act of distracted driving—whether eating and drinking or grooming while behind the wheel, talking to other passengers or a caller, or the worst of all, taking their eyes off the road to look at a phone screen. Distracted drivers are the most common causes of erratic behavior on the highways today, not only responsible for a wide range of terrible, serious injuries, but also fatalities.

Unless you are in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam, however, there is never an appropriate reason to travel too closely to another car. If you note you are being tailgated, the worst thing you can do is to react aggressively; rather, try slowing down gradually so they do not run into you but so that they do get the message to back off a little or to pass you altogether—or you could move over. Your job is to arrive at your destination safely, not engage in conflict with a stranger in traffic who has obvious issues and could even be violent. And as you are following behind others, keep in mind the rule of thumb for using one car length for every tenth of speed (such as traveling five car lengths behind if you are going 50 mph), or the three-second rule, meaning that it would take you a full three seconds to pass. While traveling too closely is dangerous, it is also considered rude.

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