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Beware While Traveling on Foot: Texas Ranks High in Pedestrian Fatalities

Beware While Traveling on Foot: Texas Ranks High in Pedestrian Fatalities

Traffic in Houston, and all over the state of Texas and the US is becoming more dangerous, rather than less. This is surprising, considering how evolved we have become in this nation regarding public safety campaigns, word of mouth regarding the dangers of careless driving, and bolstering of infrastructure in so many different areas of so many different cities. Many experts relate the rising number of traffic incidents to, logically, the rising number of cars on the road.

Distracted driving has added to the list of reasons why fatalities and injuries occur too, unfortunately, with motorists at the wheel reading and answering texts, taking calls, speaking with passengers, eating, drinking, grooming, and more. Drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving, and failure to follow traffic rules overall are all still classic reasons why accidents happen. Pedestrians are at great risk in traffic too, which is not surprising considering how many cars and trucks are colliding—as those statistics rise, so do fatalities and deaths for individuals traveling on foot, whether they are out for a stroll or walking to work at a steady clip.

Last year, Texas was named third highest for traffic fatalities in the nation, and some experts think this is due to the higher number of SUVs on the roads.

“There’s hardly a car that I see that doesn’t have a driver with a device mounted on the dashboard or on the windshield,” said Richard Retting, a researcher with the Governors’ Highway Association.

“Because SUVs can do more harm, even at a low speed crash than a car, that could be a factor as well,” he said.

If you are inclined to travel on foot, practice defensive pedestrian skills by wearing brightly colored clothing, reflectors for night travel, whether on shoes or a vest, and practice extra caution at crosswalks, making eye contract with motorists coming your way before you cross.

“Every community in the city of Houston experiences crashes involving someone walking,” said Jonathan Brooks, Director of Policy and Planning with LINK Houston.

You have to be very proactive in Houston to ensure your safety and be very vigilant, make eye contact with a vehicle that you believe is seeing you,” Brooks continued.

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