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Traffic Accidents May Cause PTSD

Traffic Accidents May Cause PTSD

Have you ever been in a mild fender bender? If so, think back to how you felt upon realizing what was happening. Most likely you were extremely worried and experienced a huge surge of adrenaline—a physiological response to danger which is related to the fight or flight reflex but also imbues you with the strength to escape a difficult situation—and a traffic accident can usually be put in that category. 

Just being struck by another car, even if there was no injury involved on either side, can be a startling event that sticks with you for a long while; in fact, you may be hesitant to drive for some time. You may have been involved in a minor accident while driving in the grocery store parking lot, or somewhere else very close to home. For some, it is hard not to replay the memory over and over of the sickening thud of being hit by another vehicle out of the blue, or even glass breaking. If you were seriously injured though, it may be a completely different story.

While car accidents result in far too many deaths, injuries sustained can be debilitating. While whiplash can be extremely painful, other neck and back injuries could result in paralysis. Trauma to the head could be diagnosed as a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Limbs may be broken in varying degrees, and motorists in accidents may also experience sprains, serious contusions and lacerations, and more. You may be left dealing with the aftermath of surgery, adapting to loss of mobility, severe pain, and loss of income when you suddenly cannot work due to disability. Recovery can be exceedingly difficult as you may be physically affected but also emotionally—and it would be hard not to be after being subjected to something so terrifying.

Millions of individuals are involved in car accidents each year and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), unfortunately, affects almost ten percent of those involved. While many factors contribute to PTSD, fearing for your life is a major cause. If you went through serious trauma before the accident, that could figure in, as well as suffering the loss of a loved one or friend in the accident—or knowing that they were seriously injured. A lack of a strong support system after a car crash can lead to PTSD also, which often manifests itself through flashbacks, sleep disturbances, depressions, moodiness, and anxiety.

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