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Traveling on a Motorcycle: Navigating the Dangers of Intersections

Traveling on a Motorcycle: Navigating the Dangers of Intersections

While so many bikers in the United States enjoy riding their motorcycles down the highways and byways of our beautiful country, sometimes getting from point A to point B involves a nitty-gritty commute and packed up, congested, annoying city traffic. If you are a motorcyclist, there may be times when you wonder what the original allure was that suddenly caused you to be riding on two wheels, completely unprotected, while subjected to the unpredictability of nature, the ongoing suffocation, and poisoning of air pollution, and worst of all—the dangers that other motorists present.

Intersections are a common problem area; in fact, they are the leading area, for accidents between cars and motorcycles. The problem is usually visibility. This is not an issue unique to intersections though, as visibility is one of the primary reasons for motorists colliding with motorcycles. The fact is though that motorcycles are on the roads and have just as much of a right to be there, and motorists must be responsible for taking the time to examine the road not only for motorcyclists but also for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Here are some tips to follow at intersections:

  • Be aware that there may be smaller vehicles in traffic, like motorcycles and bicycles, and it may take more than a glance to spot them. Again, it is even more important to watch for pedestrians because they are the most vulnerable in an accident, with an even greater potential for fatalities in the case of an accident.
  • Come to a complete stop at every intersection, even if you have the right of way. Be diligent about looking directly at whoever is idling in the opposite lane and waiting to turn, even making eye contact with them to ensure that everyone is alerted to your turn.
  • Be especially careful with the left-handed turn and always be scanning traffic, moving your head and eyes so you don’t miss anything, or anyone. This maneuver, along with just being at an intersection in general, is one of the most common scenarios for a car or motorcycle crash.
  • Practice courtesy over road rage - it will make every drive much more enjoyable, even if you may spend extra time stopping, letting others go first, and generally being more patient than everyone else. Keep in mind that not only are you promoting good will, you are also acting as a good role model for children riding with you in the car.

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