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Truck Driver Shortages May End Up in Poor—and Hazardous Hiring

Truck Driver Shortages May End Up in Poor—and Hazardous Hiring

While there are many trucking companies in the US that have great reputations and truck drivers who have worked for them for decades even, there are far too many others who are known for dubious practices, heaping abuse and stress on employees as dispatchers are merciless, and causing problems that in the end could endanger the lives of others on the highways. While these practices all center around the bottom line for the trucking company, the industry is driven completely by consumer demand. In most cases, everyone wants their goods—whatever they may be—and they needed them yesterday!

Today, most trucking companies need more drivers, and they need them yesterday too. This can cause many issues. While other large corporations may often need personnel, there is a big difference between placing someone new in a retail or office setting or putting them behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler. Truck drivers must be extremely experienced to avoid wreaking havoc on the highway while behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound rig. Recent news uncovered some of the challenges:

Butch Knight has been a truck driver for 22 years. He said he sees new drivers heading out without suitable training.

"I've seen a truck driver go through a drive-thru. Do you think a truck can fit through a drive-thru? No,” says Knight.

"They give up and go home," Knight said. " And then go on to other jobs."

While many trucking companies are aware of their issues and are working hard to provide incentives and motivation to bring in more people, sometimes others do take shortcuts and pay for it later—as does everyone else. The ones who really pay though are innocent other drivers on the road going about their business innocently, only to be the victims of a terrible accident that could affect them for the rest of their lives.

Hiring experienced drivers, providing little to no training, and sending them out onto the road obviously invites catastrophe. On top of that, trucking companies are notorious for deceptive practices and attempting to cover up evidence in the face of a truck accident that could mean a large cash settlement due to property damage and physical injuries.

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