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Truck Drivers May Be Distracted by Unknown Routes

Truck Drivers May Be Distracted by Unknown Routes

The life of a truck driver can be surprisingly stressful to those who understand little about the job—and while trucking is a job and work requires intense effort for many of us daily, the best scenario for everyone on the road is to be alert and focused on the task of reaching a destination safely. The trucking industry is demanding on nearly every level, however. Driving a large segment of the US economy, truckers are responsible for delivering everything from inventory to enormous outfits like Walmart to fresh produce and food for restaurants, construction supplies, gasoline, and so much more. The rigors of trucking are many, and they begin at the outset as the driver must make sure all the inventory is ready to go and safely secured for the long ride, and then they must understand the route and how much time they have to get there. Deadlines are often extremely tight, and truck drivers drive long hours despite strict regulations.

Unfortunately, the stress of truck driving may present safety issues for other motorists. Due to the long amounts of time they spend on highways driving semis and 18 wheelers, truck drivers sometimes turn to negative coping mechanisms such as stimulants and illegal drugs to keep them awake, or alcohol if they may have a substance abuse problem. Distractions abound also as daily life and all that goes along with it often ensue while on the road.

Just like other motorists, truckers are also tempted by text messages, both incoming and outgoing, and the same with phone calls – although many may be work-related. During the long hours, truckers may become bored and engage in activities which should be saved for later, and while these issues are dangerous for someone driving a 4,000-pound car, the hazards are enormously increased when an 80,000-pound truck is involved.

All routes are usually planned in an organized fashion, and truck drivers know the roads and highways in their local areas like the back of their hands, along with many across the US too; however, when a truck driver is challenged with an unknown route, others could be in danger as they attempt to maneuver in foreign areas that may be ridden with construction zones and slow-downs, weather issues may present themselves, or the terrain could be more challenging, as in mountainous areas. Trucks traveling during holidays in unknown areas may be under undue stress, and it is a fact that some highways are just more dangerous than others too.

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