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Truck Drivers Using Electronic Distractions

Truck Drivers Using Electronic Distractions

Truck drivers are just like any other human beings traveling on the roads and highways of the US, except that they are operating vehicles exponentially heavier and capable of causing much more damage in the case of an accident. Unfortunately, however, distracted driving has taken over as the number one cause of injuries and deaths on highways throughout the US, not to mention any other road and streets too, with the main problem being that smartphones have become so ubiquitous and so present for nearly everyone that we are subjected to a constant melee of rings and dings and alerts and notifications that can be hard to resist—along with becoming further engaged in communications.

Other electronics may be present also, and especially for truckers as they still rely on radios to speak with dispatchers and other truckers, use a range of different GPS devices, and enjoy stereo systems while riding too. While most states ban texting and driving, far too many drivers completely disregard such laws, including truck drivers who may also be engaged in alcohol or drug use.

It should not take an 80,000-pound truck colliding with a 4,000-pound truck to remind us why distracted driving is so dangerous—as no text and no phone call is worth someone’s life or well-being. If you have been in a serious accident with a truck, you may have lost friends or loved ones who were riding with you in the car or you may have been stricken with debilitating injuries also spanning from terrible sprains to the neck and back, to traumatic brain injuries or serious concussions, broken arms and legs that may require surgery, soft tissue damage, and more.

Those numbers on the backs of trucks inviting you to call and comment on their driving are there for a reason! If you see a truck that seems to be weaving or slowing down and speeding up erratically, do not be afraid to call or to contact law enforcement if you fear that others are in danger.

With the Truck Accident Response Team, or T.A.R.T., Attorney Sergeant Peggy and his legal team, specializing in 18-wheeler accidents, can be at the scene of your accident within hours. With this unique system, legal specialists can perform the most important task, which is preserving evidence (especially in case of a trial to present to a jury so that you were able to receive the maximum amount of compensation you are due) for an injury or wrongful death claim. The T.A.R.T. system was created not only to fight trucking companies and their ongoing, duplicitous ways, but also insurance companies who are often even worse to deal with during accident claims.

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