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Truckers May Be Speeding to Deliver Cargo

Truckers May Be Speeding to Deliver Cargo

As consumer goods continue to be in demand across the US, so do the services of countless trucking companies. And while the supply chain is extensive when it comes to making deliveries, truck drivers are at the center of the process, behind the wheel, and making sure goods arrive at their destination on time. There can be a surprising amount of stress in this process though, with many long hours spent traveling the roads.

Truckers may be under incredible pressure too (time is money, as we all know) and they must stay on the road as much as possible to reach their destinations to make promises on deadlines good; unfortunately: this means they may be speeding at times. While speeding is illegal, and dangerous, the hazards are compounded with a driver behind the wheel of an 80,000+ pound truck. With more difficulty in breaking and maneuvering, a speeding truck colliding with a car is a true recipe for disaster and tragic fatalities in all too many cases.

Trucking companies may not want to own up to their mistakes, or those of their drivers, either. This could make life difficult if you are dealing with an insurance company representing the truck driver, and an impending settlement. Most trucking companies seek seasoned drivers who are familiar with what are usually very serious rules and regulations, along with understanding the importance of loading cargo and making sure it remains secure throughout a trip and watching for any maintenance issues.

Trucking companies do not want to have to deal with litigation in the case of an accident, so while they usually stay on employees to fill out records and stay above the law while under pressure to deliver, it is still certainly not uncommon for them to doctor documents or fudge paperwork to elude paying out in a settlement. They may also go so far as to alter black box evidence and engage in other duplicitous methods to avoid blame.

Speeding may be a common reason for crashing into cars, but truckers may also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or distracted with their cell phone or other electronics—causing deaths, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and amputations, and other physical (and property) devastation.

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