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Trucks May Cause Hazards When Unfamiliar with the Roads

Trucks May Cause Hazards When Unfamiliar with the Roads

While some of us may feel intimidated about traveling in proximity to large trucks on the road, feeling all too aware of their 80,000 pounds in comparison to our 4,000 pound vehicles (or even a 500-pound motorcycle), at other times we may be lulled into a sense of security, driving next to these large vehicles that may at times seem like a stable, solid presence, traveling in convoys, and somehow giving off an air of experience. The truth is, however, as the demand for cargo to be transported across the US increases, so do tragic accidents involving trucks hitting cars, as well as motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Trucking companies must be extremely careful about so many different details when it comes to seeing cargo transported. Once cargo is ready to go, it must be loaded into a truck securely, and the driver must be fit to transport their goods, able to travel without presenting a hazard to anyone else also; however, in their desperation to fill seats to drive, many trucking companies are forced to lower their standards and may hire employees who do not have enough experience for the tasks—or the exceedingly long drives—they may be handling. While fatigue is the number one issue in causing accidents between truckers and other motorists, lack of familiarity with roads can be another reason for accidents.

Truckers traveling locally may have the advantage of knowing every bump in the road. Out of their comfort range though, and especially in a larger city like Houston, truck drivers may not only have less ease in finding their way but also in navigating and backing in and out of areas they are not used to. Along with problems in new areas, truck drivers may also suffer from many of the same bad habits that motorists do—but considering the weight of their vehicles, results tend to be even more catastrophic.

Due to the long hours they are on the road, truck drivers may become more distracted by their cellphones—texting an d talking—or even surfing the internet or becoming involved with other electronics. Driving under the influence of drugs (sometimes to stay awake) or alcohol, speeding, ignoring traffic signs and signals, and more, may also be the cause of terrible accidents.

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