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Was Your Car Wreck Caused by a Manufacturer’s Defect?

Was Your Car Wreck Caused by a Manufacturer’s Defect?

Over a million people die in car crashes each year. When you consider how many of those could have been easily prevented, the numbers are truly staggering—and especially considering how many loved ones are left grieving in the US for friends and loved ones who may have been killed in a wreck caused by the negligence of others. And while the living may have escaped death in a car crash, very often they are left to suffer from the long-lasting effects of physical trauma like brain injuries, paralysis, severe soft tissue damage, surgery required for complex fractures, or even amputations, and more.

Distracted driving is the number one reason for accidents, with hundreds of thousands of injuries caused each year, along with monumental damage to the property also. Other motorists may be at fault for crashing into other travelers because they were busy on the phone or handling other electronics or engaged in other distracting endeavors. Crashes may be caused by drivers who have been drinking or taking drugs, or they may have ignored traffic signs and signals, been speeding, or otherwise reckless. And when it comes to filing a claim for a traffic accident, you may suddenly find that the insurance company is looking for any way possible to point a finger at you!

What about, however, when the machinery is faulty? Manufacturing defects are more common than you may realize, including issues with airbags that may not work correctly or injure passengers rather than protecting them, faulty steering, or defective electrical systems, tires, accelerators, and more. When you consider how many moving parts make up an automobile, it is easy to see how something could go wrong. Unfortunately, manufacturer defects could end up in fatalities or serious physical harm—especially in the face of accidents caused by rollovers and blowouts.

Dealing with the insurance company and/or automobile manufacturer is not an exercise you should attempt on your own. In most cases, these are well-financed corporations with vast resources, including experienced legal teams. You will need skilled legal assistance of your own to protect your best interests, especially if you were seriously injured in an accident. Not only will the responsible party need to be responsible for your expenses—and damages—but determining who they are can be complicated and time-consuming, in examining whether the original manufacturer was to blame, or a parts dealer, dealership, or other company.

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