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Insurance Companies Raking in—And Keeping Billions—So Where is Your Claim Payment?

Insurance Companies Raking in—And Keeping Billions—So Where is Your Claim Payment?

Large insurance corporations bring in billions of dollars in profits every year, and their only plan is to continue that trend—upward. While it would be nice to think that all the marketing and rhetoric is actually true, and all those smiling faces on billboards and in TV commercials are actually sincere, all it takes is one trying experience with getting an insurance claim paid and you will realize that these companies care about nothing except their financial momentum. Well-paid executives are not worried about your unpaid claim while they are out enjoying a fancy lunch.

This can be an extremely hard pill to swallow if you have been in a car wreck and suddenly find yourself debilitated. While everyone keeps pointing out how important it is for you to heal and move on, that may seem impossible if medical bills are piling up out of control; meanwhile, all those insurance premiums you paid over the years may seem to be doing you no good at all—and especially when you are having to deal with the negligent party’s insurance company.

If red flags are popping up all over the place alerting you to bad faith practices on the part of the insurer, consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. This is also not the time to let your attention drift away from the matter or let your guard down, as the adjuster may call and ask questions, but very targeted ones. Although it would be nice to think that they are truly well-meaning when asking about the accident and inquiring about your health, the adjuster has one mission:  

The adjuster is doing their job and their goal is to pay as little money to you as possible – and to spend as little time as possible on your case. Most likely any phone call you have with them is recorded, and anything you say can and will be used against you; in fact, many of the questions they ask are routinely planted to see if they can find a way to deny your claim or trip you up later.

It can be extremely frustrating to file a valid claim and then receive no help, while meanwhile the insurance company continues to collect everyone else’s premiums, make profits, and collect interest.

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