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Why Insurance Companies Destroy the Evidence & Doctor the Records

Why Insurance Companies Destroy the Evidence & Doctor the Records

Like so many industries, much of the trucking business is built on unfathomable greed. For the normal individual, it may be impossible to understand why anyone would need to go to such lengths or throw others under the bus just to make a buck, and especially when they already have millions or billions; after all, if you have been in an accident due to the negligence of a truck driver it would seem that their involvement in a claim and any consequent liability or payout would be minimal for a trucking company or an insurance company. Over time, however, they have all come to understand that becoming rich and staying rich is all about keeping your money in the bank. That’s understandable in terms of money management—but not when it means denying innocent policyholders what they are owed on claims.

Built on the reputation of speed and that bygone era of movies like Smokey and the Bandit, truck drivers do have a stereotype. No shrinking violets, these are the guys that get behind the wheel and are responsible for enormous loads of cargo, often traveling in convoys, and getting a difficult job done without taking any flack from anyone else. But while the cool factor is one thing, the power that a truck driver has in their hands can be terrifying when 80,000 pounds of metal meets only 4,000, or even worse, when a truck strikes a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian.

The results of a truck crash can be fatal, and injury can be catastrophic. The aftermath is not pretty and as lawsuits ensue, trucking companies are often quick to shift the blame or even attempt to alter or destroy evidence, whether in terms of tampering with black boxes, hoping to erase any trace of what happened, or in doctoring logbooks for truckers’ hours, maintenance documents, cargo information, and more. This is no conspiracy theory either, but common knowledge—and especially in relation to trucker logbooks. If you have been in an accident due to the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company, do not attempt to go it alone. These companies have vast resources and are much more experienced at dealing with issues regarding accidents—and wiggling out of them.

With the Truck Accident Response Team, or T.A.R.T., Attorney Sergeant Peggy and his legal team, specializing in 18-wheeler accidents, can be at the scene of your accident within hours. With this unique system, legal specialists can perform the most important task, which is preserving evidence (especially in case of a trial to present to a jury so that you were able to receive the maximum amount of compensation you are due) for an injury or wrongful death claim. The T.A.R.T. system was created not only to fight trucking companies and their ongoing, duplicitous ways, but also insurance companies who are often even worse to deal with during accident claims.

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