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Why Whiplash is Such a Common Injury after a Car Crash

Why Whiplash is Such a Common Injury after a Car Crash

Houston is known as one of the most dangerous areas to drive in, unfortunately. While there is so much to enjoy in this sizeable Texas city abounding in culture, museums, great food, shopping, and more, safety is key while traveling, whether you are in a car, truck, on a motorcycle, bike, or walking. Intersections tend to be danger areas too, at any time of day. Motorists may speed through intersections, ignore red lights, and exhibit other reckless driving behavior; however, distracted driving is often the culprit. This probably comes as no surprise as you may have passed more than one driver on the road today immersed in their smartphone while at a red light, or worse, while driving.

Far too many accidents each year are catastrophic, resulting in fatalities. Distracted driving is responsible for thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands of injuries—from paralysis and traumatic brain injury, to amputations, fractures, a variety of lacerations and contusions, and more. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries resulting from car crashes. Affecting the neck, whiplash usually occurs after you are rear-ended by another car. The wrenching movement of the body, causing the neck and head to move back and forth violently results in what can be a serious sprain to the neck. Harm could be long-term, unfortunately, leading to chronic pain.

Symptoms of whiplash are many and varied. They may also be due to other injuries, such as sports events or other types of serious trauma like assault. Signs include stiffness in the neck, or difficulty moving the head. You may experience serious headaches, emanating from the neck area. There may be pain and numbness in the arms, as well as the shoulders, and back. Victims of whiplash may be more tired than usual, experience dizziness, as well as ringing in the ears, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, and more. Emotional disturbances may be caused by the trauma of flashbacks of the accident.

Seniors may have a much harder time recovering from whiplash, especially if they have experienced neck or back trauma previously. The recuperation period could be substantial, resulting in loss of time at work—adding insult to the injury when you are suffering physically and worrying about finances.

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