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Debris in the Road: Unsecured Cargo Can Cause Major Wrecks

Debris in the Road: Unsecured Cargo Can Cause Major Wrecks

Unsecured cargo is a culprit of major wrecks not only in Houston, but nationwide.

Unsecured Cargo: Taking a Look into Trucking

Just like the auto industry, insurance industry, and construction history, the trucking infuses a considerable amount of cash into the US economy.

When finances are difficult for everyone else, the trucking industry suffers too. Transporting of goods, importing, exporting, everything that has to do with goods is a big deal—and that translates to big money.

Recent news refers to the trucking economy for last year as ‘spectacular'.

Unfortunately, negative repercussions may also occur when large corporations like trucking companies want to keep as much money and profits as possible.

Moreover, with in the bank they may also be willing to sacrifice or cut corners—resulting in issues with their employee bases, products, and equipment. This also includes poor or rushed new trucker training.

Everything about the trucking industry runs on speed—and sometimes the truckers do too. Many use drugs to get through long periods of time driving.

This causes further hazards on the road while driving under the influence. Have you ever witnessed an 18-wheeler Jack Knifing on the road?

Unsecured Cargo Debris and Insecure Perspectives

From the profit perspective, however, the trucking industry keeps pumping due to deadlines as buyers need their products. Truck companies set strict schedules and truckers must attempt to meet them, without fail.

There are many different cogs in the supply chain along the way though, and securing cargo is one of the most critical responsibilities of the trucking company.

The cargo must be secured properly for arrival to the purchaser. Keep in mind that it must also be secured properly for the safety of everyone else. There is no room for unsecured cargo in the chain.

No matter what a truck is carrying, it is obvious that any spillage could cause a catastrophe for other motorists trying to navigate safely away from debris. In fact, on a busy highway, just one or two pieces of a tire that have blown-out can cause mayhem.

Debris found in the road unexpectedly cause cars to swerve and re-correct. While a car crash can cause serious injury, the chances for being hurt or even killed when hit by a truck are exponential.

Damages from Unsecured Cargo: Cost More than Money

Almost without notice, lives may change drastically as motorists attempt to veer out of the way of produce on the road.

Construction materials or even hazardous materials will cause problems on numerous levels.

While trucking companies may be quick to place the blame on others, usually poor cargo loading is to blame.

This leads to unsecured cargo whether on the part of a third-party loading company or failed safety checks.

When left unchecked, the trucker may not have maintained the cargo properly throughout the journey! In some cases, infrastructure or bad weather causing incident is to blame, too.

Houston Falling Cargo and Debris Accident Lawyer

Attorney Sgt. Pike has developed a system to combat the various forces in the trucking industry attempting to defeat the rights of those wrongfully injured or killed.

Based on his training and experience as a Special Forces Operator (Army Green Beret), Attorney Sgt. Pike activates the Truck Accident Response Team or T.A.R.T. ™ immediately after being hired in appropriate cases. T.A.R.T. ™ then deploys to the area of the crash.

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