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Be Careful How Much Information You Give the Insurance Company

Be Careful How Much Information You Give the Insurance Company

If you have been in an accident where you were struck by another car or a large truck, the experience probably had a huge impact on you not only because of the ensuing property damage, but because of the adrenaline flow and the sheer terror of it all. If you were in a minor fender bender, you may still be replaying the event in your mind, along with all the sights and sounds associated with the accident. It can be so frightening that even the most minor experience is hard to shake.

Being in a major accident is exponentially worse, and if you’ve experienced injuries due to a recent crash, you may have had to spend time in the hospital, receive surgery, or see a specialist. You may have sustained injuries to the neck, back, face, experienced trauma to the head, suffered broken bones or serious sprains, or more. If the other party in the accident was negligent, chances are their insurer is concerned about how much they might have to pay you. Because of this, they will usually jump right on the horn to get the investigation going, collecting all the facts as soon as possible so they can compile their data and numbers and issue you a settlement.

Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster will always hope to speak with you instead of to an attorney; after all, they prefer taking advantage of someone who they perceive as knowing less. Once you have a skilled attorney on your side, the entire scenario changes for the insurer, and they may get much more serious about dealing with you. Obviously, they no longer had the chance to take advantage of an individual who may not be aware of the legalities and ensuing complexities in an insurance settlement case.

You should be very careful what you tell the insurance adjuster, if anything. They will want to know basic facts, and this is probably available in the police report anyway. But once they start asking to tape record the conversation, discuss who may have been at fault, and delve further into your medical issues, your case could be affected significantly if you say the wrong thing—or something that could be interpreted in more than one way. It’s much better to consult with an injury attorney and give them all the facts and then let them deal with the insurer in an organized manner that will serve your best interests.

Even if an insurance adjuster tells you everything is in confidence, that is not always the case. Your words can be used against you, and the most critical area of conversation is in discussing your current medical state. Complications after a car accident may be immediate, but other problems may emerge later. Your medical treatment may not be complete, and a medical professional would need to give an evaluation, which is exactly what happens when a formal case is being investigated. The insurance company after speaking with you may also try to pinpoint medical issues from the past, blaming your current pain on old injuries.

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