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Insurance Companies Prefer to Keep Their Money in the Bank

Insurance Companies Prefer to Keep Their Money in the Bank

The consumer industry within the United States is rife with large corporations like insurance companies. These entities make an enormously good living off citizens who in many cases are living paycheck to paycheck.

Feel Like an Underdog Against the Insurance Companies?

Everyone is working very hard to make purchases and pay debts, along with keeping up with minimum payments and premiums.

Are you familiar with the term ‘it’s a dog-eat-dog world'? Although that is true when exchanging large amounts of money for a product, you expect to get what you paid for.

We all expect to enjoy a process accompanied by professionalism, honesty, and respect.

You may be both flabbergasted and deeply frustrated at the insurance companies and their behavior. You're often left wondering how in the world so many consumers would continue to stand by them.

Most insurance companies have vast financial resources

These companies have a status that also plays a valuable role in allowing them to help us protect using our own assets and money.

We rely on their services to help us protect our own investments. Common among the investment trends is often a used car, home or business.

For most of us, homeowner’s insurance is critical because our home plays the largest single investment we make in our lives. 

A new or nice car must be protected as it is our primary mode of transportation and could also be involved in a car crash causing medical bills that would be impossible to handle without insurance.

Our businesses must be protected, not always due to protecting liabilities, but also many times for protecting our reputation.

Even more importantly, insurance is responsible for protecting our health too as in the case of accidents.

Protection Insurance Companies Encompass Us With

Considering what protection insurance encompasses,  trust must be placed in such companies to stick to their word (and legal contracts).

It is more than reasonable to say that when an insurance company acts in bad faith and does not pay an insurance claim, they are doing a major disservice. This is a disservice to other hard-working human beings.

This is all in the name of making a profit for them, and sometimes a hefty one at the expense of others (us).

The more money they keep in the bank, the more interest they earn, and the coffers stay full. All the while, innocent consumers may be struggling after serious injuries from a car crash.

Bad faith practices on the part of an insurance company

Let's look at a scenario where often this practice is implemented during a car accident settlement.

Unfortunately, this could make life extremely difficult if you were hit by another driver due to their negligence and you experienced a serious injury.

Now, you're forced to fight their insurance company to pay for your medical bills and property damage to your vehicle. It's a nightmare to endure such a struggle while you are trying to heal.

This can be one of the most difficult things you might ever face.

Do not go it alone!

Consult with the best insurance attorney Houston has to offer: Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC as soon as possible.

He can handle all communications with the insurer and protect you while acting in your best interest. This is something an insurance company will not do.  

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