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Marijuana Users More Likely to Drive High on the Weekends

Marijuana Users More Likely to Drive High on the Weekends

There are many reasons why motorists choose to drive under the influence, but normally it is a matter of convenience—and often finances too; after all, they probably have someplace they need to go, and have the desire to get there expediently—and who will ever know if they just take a quick drive while high (or drunk)? Calling a cab or an Uber requires payment which could be considerable in some cases, along with the wait for them to arrive at the scene. Calling a friend or asking for a ride may seem awkward. These issues should be considered ahead of time obviously, but if drugs and or alcohol are involved, chances are good judgment may not be part of the equation.

When considering the consequences though, taking a cab, asking a friend to help, or just staying home altogether seems like a small price to pay rather risking injury to others, upon getting behind the wheel. These types of problems tend to be more apparent on the weekends, placing everyone in more danger. You may not consider what day of the week it is before you head out on the highway—and defensive driving is always important—but pot smokers are more likely to drive high on the weekends.

On Saturday afternoon or evening, however, you may feel very relaxed after a nice day of shopping or activities in the city, only to be hit by a driver who is under the influence of marijuana. Although marijuana’s reputation has been cleaned up and ‘re-branded’ somewhat due to the medical benefits and legalization, the dangers are still there. Stoned drivers often have a more decreased reaction time while on the road, and especially if the driver in front of them brakes, or someone swerves in front of them. High drivers have numerous issues that affect them—beginning with motor skills—and side effects such as time distortion could cause them to drive erratically.

Recent news also shows that the pot being smoked today is much more potent:

"This is not your grandpa's pot," said Jake Nelson, AAA director of Traffic Safety and Advocacy. "Today's marijuana is ten times as strong as what people smoked in the '70s. And other THC products [the active ingredient in marijuana] can be three times stronger than that."

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