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Marijuana Users 25 Percent More Likely to Be Involved in a Car Crash

Marijuana Users 25 Percent More Likely to Be Involved in a Car Crash

Although still limited in Texas, as marijuana laws are transformed comprehensively through other parts of the US—riding on the heels of more progressive states like Washington, Colorado, and California—many individuals may feel more relaxed about both possession of weed, and usage too. While the health benefits of smoking marijuana can be extremely positive for many, this does not extend to driving privileges while high—for anyone. And although you may hear many people say they drive better under the influence than they do sober, that is a sad untruth for anyone and could lead to extremely irresponsible behavior and consequences.

When you are driving, it is up to you to give your full attention to the road—after all, your safety is important, as is everyone else’s. Distracted drivers are a huge issue on the roads today, as the number one cause of fatalities and accidents, but drivers operating vehicles under the influence are still a major plague to others. While organizations like MADD may have reduced drunk driving (along with those related to drugs also) fatalities by almost a third, that still leaves a lot of drivers out there wreaking havoc daily.

Recent news states that stoned drivers are on the increase—and as traffic incidents continue to rise in the US, this is exactly what none of us want to hear. Data from the CDC also finds that marijuana users are 25 percent more likely to be in an accident—although there may be other factors too, such as age. Law enforcement in many states is gearing up with best testing equipment regarding marijuana and drugs, with some states even bringing out drug specialist teams to DUI checkpoints or other traffic stop areas.

Drivers should always maintain a clear head while behind the wheel, as car accidents are not only responsible for far too many fatalities, but also paralysis, amputations, broken arms and legs that could require surgery, terrible sprains, and a multitude of different health problems that could be long lasting—also leading victims into serious financial demise as they are unable to go back to work.

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