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New Truck Drivers May Try Dangerous Maneuvers

New Truck Drivers May Try Dangerous Maneuvers

While money is the driving force behind the world economy, drivers may often associate it more with stress. As demand continues around the US especially, for goods to be delivered, timelines are critical—and this may begin as soon as a contract is signed, and delivery date is set. From that moment, everyone is expected to kick into action and get inventory moving. While there may be an increase in need for products to be delivered though, that may not be so in terms of the numbers of individuals attending training to become skilled and licensed drivers—and older truckers may be retiring or dropping out of the race altogether due to disillusionment with large corporations and the career choice overall.

Major trucking corporations must find drivers to put in seats, however, and this may involve bringing in less experienced truck drivers, who may also be significantly younger. With both lack of experience and age playing a part as they get behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound rig, there is the potential for disaster—and unfortunately, this may greatly affect innocent motorists traveling on the roads and highways of our country. Other drivers may be in grave physical peril when truckers are in a hurry too, with speed to make deadlines being the greatest issue.

Time is of the essence, and truck drivers may decide to speed to make up lost time on the road. While this is not only illegal, it is dangerous for everyone involved—and especially with younger, less experienced truckers behind the wheel. Recent news highlighted just how extreme the stress is:

“Drivers feel like they literally have a gun to their head,” Todd Spencer, president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, said in an interview. “The typical response was to turn up the maximum permissible speeds on the trucks to allow drivers to make up some time.”

Along with reckless speed may come the temptation to perform dangerous maneuvers too when driving, switching lanes, turning and backing, parking, and more. Truckers may be even more inclined to put other drivers or themselves in harm’s way while in a hurry or performing actions where they so far have little experience.

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