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Protective Gear for Motorcyclists: The Investment is Worth It!

Protective Gear for Motorcyclists: The Investment is Worth It!

If you have ever been in a motorcycle accident, most likely it spurred you on to drive even more defensively later, and to protect yourself as much as possible from experiencing any other traffic incidents. Unlike other motorists who may end up in a car crash, motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable against a car, and coming up against one can be an utterly terrifying event. A motorcycle may weigh a few hundred pounds, while a car averages around 4,000 pounds, putting it into perspective just how vulnerable motorcyclists are.

When you buy your first motorcycle, there are a lot of details to handle. First, you must purchase the motorcycle that is right for you. That could mean a more basic and less expensive bike, or you may end up buying something that you will have to grow into regarding knowledge and actual, physical driving skill. Licensing must be researched, paid for, and any training classes must be scheduled, attended, and passed. Once you are ready to get on the road, there is so much to look forward to, from the freedom and exhilaration of being outdoors to hugging the curves in the road with your bike, enjoying a little bit of the speed and adrenaline flow that comes with the territory of being on a motorcycle—and also the camaraderie with others out their bikes too.

None of that joy matters much though if you are seriously injured while out riding your motorcycle. Safety must come first, and this starts with protective gear. The helmet is critical to preventing concussions, traumatic brain injury, road rash, facial fractures, and more. Goggles protect the eyes from debris as well as harm, and a good jacket is indispensable to protect the body from harm. Protective pants or coveralls should be worn (despite the temptation to wear tee shirt, jeans, and flip flops. Don’t do it!), and sturdy boots are necessary for safety also. Protective gear is not the area to skimp on! Take the necessary precautions up front before learning the hard way and experiencing terrible road rash or other injuries that could have been prevented.

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