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Staying Calm on Congested Roads: Don’t Be an Angry Driver

Staying Calm on Congested Roads: Don’t Be an Angry Driver

The roads of Houston can be especially trying during rush hour—and especially if you are late to work or another appointment. The danger is there even without road rage in the quotient; after all, distracted driving is the number one reason today for most injuries and fatalities, along with all the other typical issues like reckless driving, speeding, failure to stop at stop signs, driving under the influence of pills or alcohol, and more.

Aggressive driving can lead to serious problems on the road. The truth is though, most of us have been there. It is easy to get a little hot under the collar when someone nearly cuts you off or causes an accident due to negligence that could have easily been prevented. There are additional measures you can take to avoid being an angry driver. This begins with taking it easy as you begin your drive—do not get behind the wheel if you have just had a spat with your partner or a rough afternoon at work. Take time to calm down first so you are not tempted to take out your frustrations in traffic. Even though you may be in a hurry, always be courteous to other drivers, and avoid using the horn unless you are in danger.

If you are being harangued by an angry driver or someone suffering from road rage is nearby, your goal should be to get away from them as quickly as possible, without engaging—as tempting as that could be in some cases. Drivers with road rage may be yelling and hurling profanity, making obscene gestures, tailgating others, and in some cases inciting violence. Worst of all, they are putting everyone in danger of being in a car accident. If you are in an accident with someone exhibiting road rage, or if you see them get into an accident with someone else, be extremely cautious about approaching them. Your best bet is to call law enforcement if necessary so they can deal with the problem before it escalates into a serious violent episode or a car, truck, or motorcycle crash where drivers and passengers could be injured or killed. 

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