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Teens Are Particularly Prone to Distracted Driving

Teens Are Particularly Prone to Distracted Driving

Hundreds of innocent people die on Houston highways every year in car accidents that could have been easily prevented, while thousands are left seriously injured and in many cases, debilitated for life. As infrastructure is constantly improved around the country and in Texas (with public safety campaigns present in many different forms of media and disseminated continually), many of those in charge are left to wonder how it is that traffic incidents just continue to rise, along with fatalities. This is a very serious matter as lives are at stake, and motorists must do everything possible to drive defensively, along with training our younger drivers properly.

Driving habits can be instilled surprisingly early as children ride with you in the car regularly, and you become their role model. Because of this, it is important always to stress that when you are behind the wheel, one hundred percent of your attention must be paid to the job at hand. Although it is tempting to answer the phone, or glance at texts, kids, and teens especially are very in tune with this type of behavior.

Distracted driving tops the list for causes of fatalities and injuries in car accidents around the nation. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another driver, you could have experienced sprains or broken bones, or worse, an amputation, paralysis, soft tissue damage, or even a traumatic brain injury or major concussion resulting in loss of consciousness or coma. Unfortunately, teens are some of the worst offenders when it comes to this type of negligence, and while they may cause injury to another party in an accident, they could cause serious harm to themselves too. Not yet facing a sense of mortality, they may have the impression that they can do it all while they are behind the wheel, from eating and drinking, to engaging with passengers, to talking on the phone, checking text messages or surfing the net.

Distracted driving can have catastrophic results, no matter who is engaged in such activities—along with other forms of reckless driving that are often the sign of drivers under the influence too, such as driving too fast or too slow, weaving in lanes, and ignoring traffic signs and traffic rules.

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