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Distracted Driving is the Number One Reason for Accidents & Fatalities

Distracted Driving is the Number One Reason for Accidents & Fatalities

When you consider all that motorists can become distracted with today while driving, it sometimes seems that the most important activity—operating a motor vehicle safely—is the last thing on everyone’s minds. There are other passengers to deal with, and it is easy to become engaged in helping and checking on the kids, handing items back and forth, and having conversation. Many drivers are still busy getting ready for work when they get in the car, brushing hair, applying makeup, and more. They may look quite expert about doing all these things, but their reaction would most likely be delayed in the case of a car crash, which could mean deadly consequences.

Motorists are busy eating, toying with electronics, and of course—navigating through traffic often while a smartphone rings and dings and lights up just begging for attention. Texting and driving are one of the leading causes of both death and injuries on US roads today, with thousands dying each year and hundreds of thousands injured. Teen drivers are one of the largest age groups responsible for distracted driving, which is even more worrisome, as they have considerably less driving experience already.

It is usually obvious if a distracted driver is in your midst as you may see them operating their cell phone, texting and talking or swiping, or they may be involved in other activities like eating fast food or rummaging through a purse or backpack for something that seems more necessary than driving. Distracted drivers often drive erratically also, too slowly or too fast, or they may stop and start, or even rear-end other drivers as they lose track of what they are doing—even at red lights.

The key is to be completely on the defense while driving, because distracted driving is just one hazard. Motorists who are speeding or ignoring traffic signals cause significant amounts of accidents, along with drivers who are under the influence, whether they have been drinking or using drugs. Car accidents are still responsible for far too many fatalities, along with serious injuries such as concussions, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, amputations, paralysis, and serious neck and back injuries.

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