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Texting and Driving: Know the Laws in Texas

Texting and Driving: Know the Laws in Texas

It would be nice if everything were simple; for instance, the busy workweek can be hard on many of us, work projects wait, errands must be fun, kids must be dropped off to school and events, and the list of tasks can become overwhelming. You may feel stressed upon getting in your car each morning, and you certainly are not alone. To top it off, the hazards in traffic can be enormous, and especially if you live in a busy city like Houston with rush-hour to fight your way through every morning and every afternoon. The key is to get from point a to point B safely, and to deliver any passengers where they want to go without harm.

It used to be that drunk driving was the biggest hazard on the road. And while it is still responsible for far too many for fatalities (especially considering all those types of accidents could be prevented if motorists simply abstained from alcohol), there are new dangers in its place. Distracted driving has always been an issue, with motorists juggling tasks while behind the wheel from grooming and dealing with passengers, especially younger ones, to eating, drinking, fiddling with electronics and more. But the advent of the smart phone, even with its epic advantages, is sadly responsible for rising deaths on the highways.

Texting and driving, along with distracted driving, is the number one reason for injuries and for fatalities on the highways today. It is reported that one in five automobile crashes in Texas are caused by distracted driving. Those injured in car crashes can suffer from traumatic brain injury or terrible concussions, broken limbs or even amputations, serious spinal injuries that could have long term affects for life, and so much more to include more common issues like whiplash and other types of sprains, along with soft tissue damage, cuts and contusions and more. While we all want to enjoy our driving time in the car, the reality is there are dangers and you must always be defensive.

You should also be aware of the laws in Texas. Texting and driving have been an issue with lawmakers for at least a decade now, and Texas has followed suit in banning texting while driving, to include reading texts, writing texts or sending them, as well as emails. Fines can be considerable if you were charged with texting while driving and there may be other laws in various cities that are even more strict. Remember also that it is illegal to text or use a handheld device while driving in a school zone.

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